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What to do with those pumpkins after Halloween?

We hope everyone is having a nice Halloween!  

You probably have some pumpkins sitting on your porch and you might be wondering to do with them now.  Don't just throw 'em out!

Here are some tips.

  • Even if it is starting to rot, the seeds should still be good for planting.  Air-dry the seeds for a few days and then keep them in a cool, dark, dry place until springtime. (FYI, if your pumpkin is a hybrid, you could end up growing different types of pumpkins than you think)

  • Cook with the pumpkin meat!  Try pumpkin lasagna, stuffing the pumpkin with breadcrumbs and spices or meat, pies, or muffins.

  • Roast those seeds!  Yum! 

  • Freeze the pumpkin pulp so you can make pumpkin pies all winter long...without having to buy a can of pie filling!

  • Can the pumpkin pulp, though this is tricky because of its low acidity.  The pumpkin must be cubed and you need to use a pressure-canner.  Freezing it is easier because you can freeze it pureed.  

  • Compost the rest.