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Where Did All the Bankers Go?

Well, according to the New York Time, these individuals looking for the next hot industry are trying to par lee their skills into the environmental field. Not just any part of the green movement but more specifically the possible cap and trade program.  This new form of trading between individual organizations and companies for the right to emit carbon emissions is seen by many as the next great commodity market.

According to numerous companies in the article, they are having a flurry of interest by the Wall Street type.  The companies though are quick to note that interest only picked up after bonus season concluded.  So, once again these high paid, low results individuals got their bonuses and ran to the next industry they seek to steal from.   Grumble, grumble......


It may be frustrating that

It may be frustrating that some are looking to the environmental movement to make a quick buck, but it's better to have too much interest and interest for the wrong reasons, than too little interest.  At least now green tech is at the front of big money attention. 

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