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Window Tinting: Where Going Green Means Money Savings

Today we have a guest blog post about the green benefits of tinting your windows.  


If you are or have been a homeowner, you may be well familiar with the costs of maintaining a household.  On top of numerous upkeep chores (landscaping, plumbing), property taxes and mouths to feed, monthly bills can become quite expensive.  If you own a large home, your monthly energy bill may carry a considerable price tag of its own.  

Unlike most home upkeep costs, your home energy bills are something that directly impacts the environment.  While air conditioning can be essential in many circumstances, the energy generated towards its cause releases emissions into the atmosphere.  While it may be a necessary use, there are ways we can limit our environmental footprint – and lower our costs of living at the same time.  

Window tinting acts as a protective barrier between your home’s interior and the exterior elements.  Among those elements blocked, one could include potentially hazardous UVA and UVB rays.  Another important element, as far as we’re concerned, is the thermal heat window films can absorb.  When less heat enters your home, it drastically reduces your demand for cooling.  This, in turn, allows for considerably less air conditioning to be used during the normal course of a day. 

On top of noticing a reduction in monthly energy bills, think about the environmental ramifications this may impart.  Some experts note that window films are capable of blocking upwards of 60% of thermal heat from your home. Imagine what this means for the amount of cooling that will be needed for your home. Or how about the emissions that were withheld from entering the atmosphere?

The good news is that many world governments have taken hold of this.  It is not uncommon for governments on numerous levels to offer tax incentives to homes and businesses who install window films as a cost-cutting measure.  This in turn, has led to more recognition of home tinting benefits, and thus its adoption.

While we may have come a long way, imagine what could be possible if there was widespread adoption of home window tinting? While our environment will need a lot more in the long run, imagine the contribution (even if relatively modest), that window tinting could have on saving emissions?  

Jared Diamond is a content manager with Detail Wiz Window Tinting. On top of having a strong interest in automobiles, he is passionate about environmental preservation.