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Wool Insulation

A few years ago, we did some work on our attic, including insulating it. We did it ourselves and used that awful, toxic, Pink Panther insulation stuff. That brand does use 40% recycled glass, but many studies consider it to be a carcinogen if inhaled, and it can cause breathing and skin irritations I felt paranoid using it, but at the time I wasn't educated on alternatives.

If we were to install any insulation now, I would definitely rethink using fiberglass.

I thought of this today as I took a walk in my neighborhood and saw a sign for home insulation using wool. "What a great idea!" I thought, and then I came home to do a little research.

Some quick facts about wool insulation:

- Wool can absorb moisture, unlike fiberglass insulation.
- Wool doesn't irritate the skin or lungs.
- Sheep can be treated with pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides. Those things leave a residue which comes off once a sheep is sheared, but it can result in toxic byproducts. Find out where your wool comes through and what the sheep have been treated with.
- Wool is naturally flame resistant.
- You don't need to wear protective gear when installing it unless you have a wool allergy. You should have seen what we wore when we insulated our attic...masks, gloves, clothes from head to toe!
- Some say wool is a more effective insulator than fiberglass.
- Sheep wool insulates because it can trap air in its little pockets.
- Wool insulation doesn't break down like other types of insulators, because it's crimped and thick.
- Sheep wool insulation requires less than 15% of the energy needed to produce fiberglass insulation.
- Wool is biodegradable and sustainable.
- Wool can permanently trap substances emitted from building materials, such as formaldehyde.


Wool Insulation

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