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World’s First Zero-Emissions Grand Prix

On June 12, 2009 the world will be witnessing a shift in motorcycle design and product acceptance in the Isle of Mann.  On that day an all electric motorcycle 37.75 mile race will take place on closed public roads.  This race will focus attention on the growing sector of electric, zero-emission motorcycles being produced throughout the world.  Most exciting about this race to the green community is that all the bikes will emit less than half of the carbon emissions then regular gas or diesel powered bikes, when charging of the bikes is taken into context.  To see what vehicles will will be entered please visit the great bike site Ridelust, which gives an overview of a number of competitors.

More exciting is the way this race is attracting corporate sponsorship.  Best Buy recently signed on to sponsor Brammo’s electric motorcycle racing team.  This new deal, according to Wired, is a prelude to possible sale of the bikes at Best Buys across the country.  The bike currently being made by Brammo is called Inertia and charges in just over three hours and is good for 45 miles.  The CEO of Brammo stated that, “They’ve (Best Buy) committed to testing the bike in stores, and we’re exploring distribution.”  Since motorcycles are already much higher in gas efficiency than regular cars this could be a breakthrough for consumers wishing to minimize carbon impact.