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Your Next Vehicle Could Be A Hybrid

Rising fuel cost, increased environmental awareness, political posturing, and the long term stability of our natural resources has created a surge of hybrid vehicle development in the United States and abroad. Ford Motor Co. sold a record 11,600 Natural Gas Vehicles in 2012 (source) and Chevy sold 1,306 Volt's (electric car) in April this year (source). Another hybrid technology is compressed air vehicles; leading the pack overseas is Tata Motors (source) and I'd love to see them stateside. The demand for alternative fuel automobiles rises every month as does the options for consumers. Let's take a look at some of the available consumer level options.
Electric Vehicles

Nothing new, electric car were actually popular in the late 19th century and early 20th century. But the recent advances in battery and power management have brought the initial and long term cost of these vehicles down to levels most consumers can afford. Electric automobiles boast exceptional reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and lower the U.S. dependence of foreign oil. The only pitfall is cost are still a bit high when compared to their petroleum based brothers. Nevertheless, volatile oil prices, Eco-minded individuals such as yourself and tax-breaks for green spenders have helped make this hybrid vehicle a popular choice among consumers. Here's the top sellers:

  •     Chevrolet Volt
  •     Nissan LEAF
  •     Tesla Model S
  •     Ford Fusion Energi
  •     Toyota Prius Plug-In
  •     Ford C-Max Energi
  •     Honda Fit EV
  •     Ford Focus Electric
  •     Toyota RAV4 EV
  •     Mitsubishi i-MiEV
  •     Honda Accord Plug-In


Alternative Fueling Stations

Natural Gas Vehicles

The latest and greatest thing to happen to the NGV market is hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”. This is the process of fracturing shale rocks and injecting fluid into the ground to push out the natural gas. Fracking is now the world’s second-largest natural gas producer. This revolution has made NGV a reality and birthed many forms of new hybrid light trucks, cars and 18-wheelers. Filling stations are limited in some areas so be sure to find one near you before purchasing a natural gas powered automobile. What if a filling station isn't in your town? No worries, home based fueling stations manufactured by General Electric and Eaton, are coming soon to a home near you. Let's look at your options when shopping for a NGV.

  •     Audi A5 2,0 TFSI CNG
  •     BMW 3 Series (E36) 316g CNG
  •     Fiat Siena Tetrafuel
  •     Ford Crown Victoria CNG
  •     Honda Civic CNG
  •     Mercedes-Benz B170/B200K NGT
  •     Suzuki Wagon R CNG/LPG
  •     Toyota Camry CNG
  •     Volvo S60 Bi-Fuel CNG man/auto


Do you own a hybrid car or truck? Let us know how everything is going in the comments below.