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Activist Profile- Dr. Alexander Cannara

Activist Profile: Michal Lenchner

Michal Lenchner

Michal Lenchner is an activist in Menlo Park, CA.  Michal Lenchner is a writer and business consultant who passion is in education of the public on environmental issues and green careers.  Ms. Lenchner & her husband Avi Lenchner founded Avi Green Now, which promotes Green awareness through a series of eco-presentations.

Michal Lechner's is a woman with immense experience in the business sector.  Ms. Lechner has worked in several industries, from corporate to start-ups, in the San Francisco Bay area. Prior to that, Michal worked in high-tech, leading and implementing sales and marketing Internet systems.  Ms. Lenchner is a writer with credits in numerous publications and online magazines.  Currently, she is a writer for the Examiner whose focus is Green Careers.  Some of her works include "Building and home efficiency careers - why they matter" and "Green career opportunities in San Francisco."... read more

Anxiety Abound With Electric Car Owners & GM Strategy

Good Clean Tech just ran a piece about the newest affliction of electric car owners.  No, it is not static shocks (even though this makes sense in my mind), but fear over the driving in excess of the range of the vehicle.

Chevy Volt, Electric Car

Avelion and Tokyo Electric Power Co. performed a survey on electric car drivers habits last year.  What it found was surprising. Drivers of electric vehicles are unwilling to push their cars to the limits, usually going less then half of the maximum distant on a full charge.  The study included a specific group of drivers and one charge station.  Some drivers were so worried about being stranded that they would not go over 10 miles from the nearest charging station.  As an additional charging station came online, drivers were willing to go much farther.... read more

STOP Uranium Drilling at the Grand Canyon

The Obama administration is currently considering halting environmental degradation around the Grand Canyon and you can support these actions RIGHT NOW!

Grand Canyon, Stop Drilling

The Bush administration approved drilling for uranium at 39 sites near the Grand Canyon’s south rim in 2008.  This decision led to a rush in claims for mining the radioactive mineral near this iconic park.  The House reacted to these developments in June 2008.  At that time the House Natural Resources Committee ordered 1 million acres of Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service national park land to be withdrawn from new uranium mining claims.... read more

Open4energy Promotes Open Source Energy Solutions

What is the best way to deal with energy management?  Many believe that Google and Microsoft's energy software solutions are the best. Others see companies involved in the home management market as most suited for creating energy software to structure and reduce energy use.  But could the best software be those created without the goal of profit?  Software created by programmers, both professional and amateur, for free?  Alexander Bischoff, owner of Open4energy, believes so.

OpenrEnegy, Open Source Energy Solutions, Open source is good for me, Bart Simpson

Open4energy is a solution for corporations and small business seeking to lower their energy costs.  Open4Energy utilizes open source energy management software to monitor and reduce the energy used by its' clients.  This practice falls under the heading Green ICT.  Green ICT is defined as the study and practice of using computing resources efficiently.... read more

White Roofs and Surfaces Overlooked Key to Reducing Global Warming

"Surprisingly, Californians can do more for reducing climate change by simply reducing waste solar heating produced by structures & pavement than by conserving energy alone - but please, still do that!" writes Dr. Alex Cannara.  Dr. Cannara is a member of the Menlo Green Ribbon Committee and a noted  scientist in the field of renewables.  Dr. Cannara proposes that many of our initiatives are misguided since fundamental science is absent.

White Roof House... read more

Sustainable Garden Intiative Taking Root in Menlo Park, CA

Last night I attended a meetup group in Menlo Park, CA.  The meeting, held in the public library, focused on the creation of a group that will motivate and aid people in converting their yards into sustainable landscapes.  The group is seeking to do this by using earth friendly gardening techniques, establishing edible gardens and re-introducing native, drought tolerant plants.

Edible Gardens, Menlo Park Green, Menlo Park Sustainable Gardens... read more

Charge Your Cell Phone if in Death Valley

Now I am not one to go against new technology, especially in the solar field, but sometimes I just don't get it.  Take for example Sanyo's Eneloop Portable Solar panels, which can charge portable devices through a USB connection.

This tote bag allows the charging of batteries for most mobile devices and comes with, I kid you not, a flashlight.  (Why would you need a flashlight for a solar panel?  Isn't the sun, aka the world's biggest flashlight, necessary to work?)  The book size solar cell weights 8-15 ounces and can be hung from a window.

Sanyo's Eneloop Portable Solar panel can charge mobile devices on the go.... read more

Nissan Leaf Uses iPhone and IT Management For Electric Vehicle

I have been writing a lot in recent days about the Nissan Leaf, an all electric vehicle, for one simple reason. I believe Nissan is doing it right with the car.  From their initial announcement to their small roll out and now their community applications, Nissan is hitting all the right notes.

Nissan Leaf EV... read more

San Diego Goes Electric

San Diego is trying to get ahead of the curve and spearhead the next stage in automotive history.  I recently wrote about how the California city will be one of five designated spots for Nissan to sell its new Electric Vehicle, the Leaf. Nissan chose this city because it is part of a giant Department of Energy battery funding project.  The city will receive $400 million to create infrastructure for a new all electric fleet.  All this goes together with a recent announcement from the San Diego Gas &amp... read more

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