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The Lowdown on Algae as a BioFuel

Earth2Tech recently wrote a piece on the benefits and problems of Algae as a potential bio-fuel.  The article was fascinating in that it went over most of the major issues relating to the new technology.

Algae Bio-Fuel... read more

Ahhhh... Attack of the Giant Sea Oyster

No, this is not the line from some cheesy 1950's Godzilla movie (though I wished it was) but is my first thought when I heard of the Oyster.  Oyster is a hydro-electric Wave Energy Converter, designed to convert renewable energy harnessed from ocean waves into usable electricity.  The device is created by Aquamarine, a Scotland based company.

Giant Oyster Wave Machine... read more

Building Energy Quotient Enters The Scene

Another metric for judging the energy efficient has been added to LEED and Energy Star, this one stemming from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. This new label will grade buildings based on a system that every school child knows and loves: the letter system. Yes, now buildings will have to go without TV if they are found to have a D- in energy efficiency.... read more

The Clean Energy Summit is ON!!!

Starting on Monday, Las Vegas hosted a positively heavenly summit.  The National Clean Energy Summit 2.0 is a place where the great political movers and shakers come to speak and share ideas about governmental policy.  The event is organized by the Center for American Progress and the Energy Future Coalition.  Just so you know who seems to be backing this group it put out a memo explaining the benefits of natural gas and building efficiency.  Natural gas and building interests checked.

The National Clean Energy Summit 2.0... read more

Chevy Volt Gets 230 MPG

GM recently announced that the Chevy Volt, an electric sedan, expects to garner 230 miles per gallon under the EPA's fuel economy test for city streets.  For longer journeys the automobile expects to garner 50 to 60 mpgs.  A much greater fuel efficiency than current competitor the Toyota Prius.

Chevy Volt, 230 MPG... read more

Tesla Charger for Quick Power

Tesla owners rejoice!  No longer are you stuck waiting for power to drive you little roadster.  Nope, now a 40 amp, standard outlet can completely charge your Tesla Roadster overnight.  This negates the need to use (and install) the costly High Power Charger provided by Tesla.... read more

Sprint & Samsung Debut Eco-Friendly Phone

Sprint & Samsung recently debuted an amazing new phone this past week. The phone, aptly titled Reclaim, seeks to turn our cell phone obsession into something more; a green opportunity.

Sprint & Samsung ReClaim, Eco-Phone

What makes this phone so special is that green, sustainable thinking touches every part of the design process. For starters, the phone itself is made out of bio-plastic from corn. The phone's packaging is a tiny box and phone tray made from recycled material, while soy-based ink is used on printed materials. The charge also gets in the act, alerting users when the phone is fully charged and the charger may be removed from the socket.

On the technical side, the Reclaim features built-in stereo Blue-tooth, Sprint's One Click feature for simple Web navigation, a full QWERTY slide-out keyboard, a 2-megapixel camera with 3X zoom, and 6 hours of battery life.

... read more

5,000 Nissan Leafs coming to the United States

An initial shipment by Nissan of 5,000 is hoping to plant the seeds of success for their new electric vehicle, Leaf.  This vehicle, originally discussed by Tom Lewis, is hoping to rapidly interest and sales rapidly grow from the starter program.  The shipments to the United States will coincide with the U.S. Department of Energy's $100 million grant to Electric Transportation Engineering Corp. (eTec), for deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure across the country.

Nissan Leaf, 5,000 USA EVS... read more

Ford, Hyundai Posts Profits

After a recent article about Tesla Motors turning a profit, I received a friendly e-mail from a regular reader that I was actually painting a false picture of the automotive landscape.  This was of course the last thing I wanted to do.  The reader wrote that I wasn't highlighting a couple of bright spots in the auto-field, mainly Ford and Hyundai.  I knew of both of these companies' situation but was focusing on Tesla, the only all-electric car company with such profits, in the article.  In the pursuit of being fair and balanced, I want to present the recent news on these two automakers, too.

First, Ford, an American automaker, posted a quarterly profit of $2.3 billion.  This impressive profit was mainly due to onetime gains resulting from debt restructuring this past spring.  The automaker did improve its American market share by 2 percentage point. The company only one of the big three that did not need any type of bailout fundings is banking on hybrid and improved gas efficiency to keep this streak of profit alive.  Ford will improve fuel efficiency in all vehicles approximately 20 percent through the end of 2010 vs. 2005, and the company is on track to improve fuel economy by more than 35 percent by 2015.

Ford Hybrid SUV... read more

A Car Company Made a Profit And It is Tesla!

Two major American auto companies are now essentially owned by the government.  All large foreign makers are posting huge losses across the board.  All is doom and gloom in the auto world.  Wait, I say, wait.  One wunderkind car company is turning a profit and the most exciting thing about this American company is that the vehicles it is selling are electric.  Yes, it is none one other than Tesla Motors, makers of the Tesla Roadster and soon to be Tesla Sedan.... read more

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