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All Electric Mercedes Benz Supercar

What kind of car has 526 horsepower, 649 pound-feet of torque and can go 0 to 60 in four seconds?  Why an all electric one, silly.  Yes, Mercedes Benz plans to create a Gullwing Super Car that provides zero-emssions.

Mercedes Benz Supercar... read more

7 iPhone Apps For Energy Management

I read a great article recently about the seven top iPhone apps for home energy management.  The article was wrote by Katie Fehrenbacher of Earth2Tech.  The seven programs listed include home monitoring tools, manual input calculators, utility information interfaces and smart thermostats.  All seven programs provide novel ways for the iPhone user to lessen their energy imprint.  The seven programs are listed below so make sure to check them out if you own the Apple iphone.

iPhone apps for home energy management... read more

Intel is Betting on Renewables

Everyone knows the say, "Put your money where your mouth is." Well, according to a recent CNET Greentech article that is exactly what they are doing.


Intel Renewable Portfolio

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Everything is Bigger in Texas, Even the Wind Farms

We all know that Texas goes big. Big buildings, big cars, big oil and big cattle are all synonymous with Texas. People need to add one more big in their description of Texas, big wind farms. This past July, Baryonyx Corporation, a renewable energy company, won three leases for State wind concessions. These leases, two offshore and one in the Panhandle, allow the corporation to go forth with plans to create the largest offshore wind farm in the US. A map of the sites are provided below.... read more

Sandbag Your Carbon Credits

Sandbag, an environmental group that seeks to affect carbon reduction, has a novel approach to the climate problem: buying carbon credits. The group, based in the UK, is using private funds to buy carbon permits in the European Union to make carbon production more expensive for multiple industry.

This approach is centers on negotiating the sale of carbon permits from organizations or businesses that do not take full use of their allotment. Currently, 50% of all carbon produced in the European Union is governed by a carbon cap and trade program. For example, Sandbag recently entered into an agreement with a hospital in England to buy unused carbon credits. These purchased credits are then canceled by the group, making the remaining credits more valuable. This was a foolproof plan until a certain global financial collapse occurred.

Sandbay Carbon Purchase... read more

America Losing Competitive Edge in Green Industry

Recently, a Wall Street Journal Editorial authored by Joh Doerr, partner in venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and Jeff Immelt, Chariman & CEO of General Electric, proposed a big question to policy makers, business people and American's in general. Can the United States become the world leader in green energy? The answer given to this question is no. Of course, there is a caveat but still the answer is no.

According to the authors, whom I do trust, China is becoming the leader in this department. This new leadership role for China is because of direct result of sound policies and a need to wean itself off outside control of the economy through energy. The exact same things the authors say that can work in America.

Chinese Renewable Energy Giant... read more

1BOG: Collective Sun Power

Earth2Tech just did a great review of a surprisingly simple, but original initiative surrounding solar installation. The initiative is called 1BOG and hopes to use the power of community bargaining to bring down the price of residential solar. This initiative, cooked in that communal hot bed of San Francisco, is taking collective bargaining from the union hall to a neighbor near you.... read more

Solar Energy Getting A Boost In Funding

As the economy begins to get better ( in reality, it seems to be just leveling off) people are looking for those Chairman Bernake coined "green chutes."  These "chutes" are not really slides in mines that you use to try and escape evil warlords (I watched too much Indiana Jones as a child) but areas of the economy that seem to be improving at a faster rate than the economy as a whole.  I like to think of them as glimmers of hope.  So where is the next glimmer?  It is in the solar sector according to a couple nuggets of funding news.

Solar Energy, Borrego Solar

First up is SunRun.  This San Francisco, California based company recently acquired $18 million in funding.  This start-up, which focuses on financing residential solar installation, is planning to expand throughout the United States from its base markets of California, Arizona and Massachusetts.... read more

Pretty Pictures of Nissan's 2010 Electric Vehicle

Nissan recently showed their first major production EV at an auto show in Yokohama, Japan this weekend.  You didn't go?  Well, no worries because Nissan released a gallery of pictures of the vehicle on their company website also.Nissan Leaf EV... read more

Natural Gas Could Be Replacement For Gas

The Oil Drum has an incredible article about just how much natural gas does the nation need to become energy independent.  Why ask this question?  Recently a Potential Gas Committee report states that natural gas reserves in 2008 rose to 2,074 trillion cubic feet.  This 35% increase in the estimated amount of natural gas could lay the foundation of nearly another 100 years of natural gas.  Why is this important?  Natural gas releases much less carbon into the atmosphere than coal or oil.  Also natural gas engines are much more efficient than either gas or oil, but usually more expensive.
The author, Robert Rapier, presents specific calculations on the comparative costs between natural gas and oil.  Natural gas is a bargain at $4 per million (MM) BTU to oil's current $12.24/MMBTU.  Also note that this is at $71 a barrel, not the $100 plus price we saw for oil last summer.  So why doesn't everyone just convert?... read more

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