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How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

How many of you are having a problem recently with ants?  I know I am.  As the weather heats up I find more and more ants coming into my house.  I definitely will not use Raid with its toxic chemicals .  Especially, with a baby and dog in the house.  So what can I, and you, do to rid ourselves of ants in the home without using chemicals.

Simply add dish washing soap (the organic kind), vinegar, baking soda and water to create a sure fire ant control spray.  Use about one tablespoon per 16 fl. oz. of water, add one tablespoon of vinegar and one of baking soda in a spray bottle and spray on the plants, this kills the ants and keeps the rest away and it does not harm your plants.


How To Get Rid of Ant's Naturally
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Living Green House , Sustainable Spaces Energy Audit & Other Green News

Hi everyone and I hope you slept well last night.  I almost thought I wouldn't be writing this morning due to my wife going into labor.  It was just a false alarm (and a lot of throwing up) so let me help you navigate the expanse of green news coming from traditional media outlets.

Core4 Systems

Green Data Centers: Core4 Launches Efficient Cooling Gear: Do you know the problems with data centers is?  They consume huge amounts of electricity.  According to an article by Reuters International data centers consumed more energy than the entire country of Iran (See the Green Revolution) in 2005 and energy usage is expected to increase by 73% by the year 2010.  Core4, a new start-up, is addressing this issue head on by tackling the largest user of energy for data centers; cooling tech.  An interesting new company that I will be watching in the future.

Going, going green: The Miami Herald ran an interesting piece on how a new approach is aiding families in increasing efficency and lowering power usage.  The approach being utilized by Sustainable Spaces, a California Bay Area company, is called a "whole house" approach to maximizing comfort and energy efficiency.  This means treating houses as not just a set of individual elements but as a system.  Great article by Holly Hayes about the best way to approach 'greening' your house. 

Living Green House: The Baltimore Sun did a great pictorial based piece on the new Living Green House in Virginia.  The House will open Saturday at the Virginia Living Museum and is constructed as a permanent showcase for many of the latest designs, techniques and materials employed in earth-friendly building.  This demonstration house is one of the first anywhere in the United States (like the one I previously posted about in Arizona) and the only one of its kind in Virginia.

Green Summit to Offer How, Why: Nudging Industry Into Sustainability: The Philadelphis Inquirer is highlighting a manufacturing summit set for Wednesday in Whitemarsh.  This summit will feature a collection of experts on energy, the environment, manufacturing, and finance who will answer questions about the clean technology boom.  The article goes in depth into a few companies attending the event.

Toyota Making Green Cars May Mean Destroying Japan Rice Paddie: Bloomberg is reporting Toyota is spending dramatically on a new center for environmentally friendly cars.  This center will inflict significant damage on the local environment according to activists.  In total, 691 acres will be de-forested by the new center.  If enough people actually call this "envrionmentally minded" company, possible change to these plans can be done.

Toyota Green Car Plant Site

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iPhone App to Find Recycling

iPhone Green Apps

"Residents can now find out where to recycle or properly dispose of materials using our convenient, location-based mobile application. Instead of dumping old electronics or furniture on the sidewalk, the EcoFinder iPhone app tells you where these materials should go, based on your location."

This is part of San Francisco's wider effort to clean up the city and divert waste from landfill.  Currently, San Francisco has a landfill diversion rate of 72% and is seeking to get up 75% by the year 2012. ... read more

How To Garden Green - With Professionals or On Your Own

So once again we reached the end of the week and hopefully everyone made it through safely and happily.  As the weekend begins many of us involved with the environmental movement are also people with green thumbs.  With this in mind I decided to focus our fun Friday on Gardening.  I hope these links give you some great ideas or help you fill your gardening needs.  Get out there and play in the dirt!.

Green Landscaping Solutions For The Bay Area: CK Management Systems: How many of us want to get rid of those toxic fertilizers but just love the green in our lawn.  What if I told you that there was a solution and it is now available for the regular home owner.  CK Management Solutions provides bay area residents the chance to experience fertigation, organic bio-stimulants through the irrigation system.  Following the link to learn more.

CK Management Systems -

Does Gardening Make for Better Sex?: Could planting annuals help with excitement in the bedroom?  This article, from Chelsea Green, argues yes.  I really can't explain it without going a little red, so just follow the link.  Shucks.

Enjoying Green Grass

How to Go Green: Gardening: Planet Earth is providing a great little guide to some simple 'greening' your garden.  From tips to information to helpful links, this blog has it all.  Go over, take a gander and then search for more hints here at

5 Common Myths About Gardening:
Green Garden breaks down five common myths that people have about sustainable gardening and provides some great answers.  The blog lists some of the benefits also including it gives you time to think, it provides physical activity and physical development and it is outside which helps tune in with nature and is good for health.

The Rain/Rock Garden: Gardening Gone Wild is showing off their beautiful rock garden in this, one in a series of posts.  A great low maintenance alternative to a regular garden for those whose green thumb might be a little bit brown.  Hey, you can't kill the rock!

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Keep That Soap Out of the Shower

What is that soap you use really made out of?  How organic is that orange or purple brick in the soap tray?   Well the daily greening is giving you an easy tip to help green the basin and shower.  Many of you following KeenforGreen prefer to use anti-bacterial soap in your bathroom then take a minute before you make the next purchases.  Look for tea tree oil, neem oil and aloe vera instead, natural anti-bacterial ingredients.

Tea tree oil, neem, aloe vera are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory herbal products. These three ingredients work best with specific ailments that they work best in.  Neem has blood purifying qualities.  Tea tree oil and Aloe Vera soften and naturally buffs your skin .  These natural ingredients are much less likely to cause irritation such as their synthetic cousins, but also provide a chance to stop the flow of pollutants down the drain.


Green Soap - Keen For Green... read more

Green Landscaping Solutions For The Bay Area: CK Management Systems

For years now there existed a disconnect between the nature present inpeople's front yards with the synthetic and wasteful gardening used tokeep these areas green. For example, most fertilizers or growthadditives used in suburban, urban and rural settings are synthetic withhigh amounts of salt, nitrogen & phosphate. These toxic growthadditives create an immediate but very short growth in the plantsapplied to, but stunt the roots of the plants. This prevents theseplants from fully absorbing underground saturation and maintaining... read more

Solar Trash Compactor

Solar Trash Compactor

Are you tired of stuffing down the garbage with your palm?  How about stomping down recycling to fit in that last paper box?  Sick of seeing those overflowing public trash-cans at beaches?  Well Waste Management, a leading provider of comprehensive waste management services in North America, has a solution for you in the solar powered Big Belly Trash Compactor.... read more

Green Higher Education

Welcome back for a Wednesday Quick.  This is where the folks at comb the internet for cool environmentally minded blogs that are producing remarkable articles.  Some funny,some interesting and some important.  Please enjoy the websites and tell them you found them through our website.  So without further ado...

Reusing: Better than Recycling:  The National Wildlife Federation Campus Ecology Blog, a blog focused on college environmental issues, recently posted about the great amount of waste created by students' exodus from dorms to their parents' home.  The author, Xarissa Holdaway, believes that students may stop this practice "by creating student reuse depots, rescuing items from landfills, and donating useful materials to shelters and thrift stores."  Also, my wife's alma mater Mills College is featured so I had to feature this post.

BAM’s Green Rooftop Aviary for Migrating Birds: Do you sometimes wish that we lived in the Jetson's world?  You know the picture; flying cars, robot maids and funky rooftops (some with golf courses).  Well the people at Inhabitant just posted a number of designs by Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM) that do elicit that space-age motif.  These new green rooftops hopefully will become urban aviary's for birds across the world.

U.S. Green Product Council Debated: The Environmental Leader wrote recently on the need for a U.S. Green Product Council which could then take on the task of mapping all these various certifications.  The need comes from the explosion of green products and companies proclaiming to have green products.  For example, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has charged Kmart Corp., Tender Corp., and Dyna-E International with making false and unsubstantiated claims that their paper products were “biodegradable.”  This new standard would help alleviate these problems by creating unified requirements and control measures for the standard.

Opportunity Blossoms for Green MBAs: Tom Savage of talks about why there is so much new opportunity for Green MBAs in this dismal economic climate. I strongly disagree and believe that a Green MBA is still not a sure fire way to land the job of your dream, especially now.  I think I might actually have a response post to this piece in me.

The Greenest Lawn, the Green Way: What a wonderful site is A daily blog about the trials and tips that a mother gets from trying to become more environmentally friendly in her own life.  In this blog entry she talks about having a healthy, green lawn with a clear conscience.  Go click on over and read some more of her well written response.

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A Green Revolution

I know that we are an envrionmental website but I would remiss not to mention some of the most important 'green' news occuring right now in Iran.  At this moment hundreds of thousands of our Persian brothers and sisters are protesting the stealing of their election.  The reformist movements color is green (but of course).  We at join with them in solidarity.  Take a gander at the crows at the most recent rally in support of Mir Hussein Moussavi and view more photos here. God bless them.


Naghshe Jahan Sq / Esfehan / IRAN #iranelection on Twitpic

A Brick in Your Basin

According to the EPA, up to 30 percent of all water used in the American home flows (pun intended) from our toilets.  This is a huge waste of drinkable water, a supply that is diminishing.  Most of us know that low flow toilets, toilets that use much less water to flush, are readily available to be purchased.  We also know that they work.  Typical toilets in the United States use between 3.5 to 7 gallons per flush.  A low flow toilet uses between 1 to 3 gallons per flush.  But, many are turned off by the expense (between $250-$500) of this new technology.  This uneasiness is only heightened by the economic crisis and worries about financial security.  So what then is someone concerned about the environment and the cost of water waste to do?



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