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5 Ways to Travel Greener

Traveling the world is a passion that most have and few are lucky to actually get to experience. Traveling is a wonderful way to learn and see new things but it can’t always be good for the environment. There are some tricks and tips that you can do to lower your negative impact when traveling:

Transportation: Trains, planes and cars all emit carbon and you pretty much can’t get around that. However, you can lessen your carbon footprint by making a few tweaks and changes while traveling. Opt for flights that are non-stop because they use less fuel and fill ups at these stops. If it’s a road trip and you are driving, take a smaller car and carpool.

Digital: Everything is done online for the most part so when buying tickets and booking activities and what not, opt to have everything emailed and not printed. Also when needing travel maps and books download on your smartphone. Once you have arrived to your dictation you can also take photos of maps and what not to zoom in and use for later.... read more

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