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7 Powerfully Lesser Known Ways To Save Big From Recycling

We know recycling saves the world; but, did you know it also makes sense regarding savings? Sure, being mindful of used resources benefits the planet, but did you know that these could also help your savings?

Where there's Muck, there's Brass

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Consider a number of ways to help the planet and your savings.

1) Shower Is this a familiar scenario: You turn the shower on, walking away for minutes until it is the right temperature. Sure, we all do it. However, we can conserve better. Place a bucket underneath the shower head, collecting the water, later using it to water plants, mop the floor, and so on. You're saving water and money on the water bill.... read more

8 Unusual Ways to Recycle Your Old Electronic Components

With the constant changes in technology, computer peripherals and electronic gadgets quickly become obsolete.  However, have you thought that the junk you bought such as old computers, keyboards, monitors, cassettes could be reused to make useful gadgets?  Here are 9 unusual ways of reusing old electronic junk rather than heaping them in the trash.  

Incandescent Bulb Flower Vase 

Upcycling LightbulbsIf you have migrated from incandescent to energy saving bulbs chances are that you have a few old bulbs lying at your place. Don’t throw them away, instead use them to build beautiful flower vases at your home or office. You only require removing the black part that contains the connectors with a sharp screw driver. Dip your choice of flowers and secure the bulb-vase with cello tape to any place in your home. 

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 ... read more

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