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How green is your office? Maximize your office recycling

recycling in the officeWhether your office is old-school or cutting-edge with respect to its technology, there’s a good chance that there are more opportunities to recycle than you’re currently using. EPA estimates that up to 90 percent of office waste is recyclable, but it starts with your employees’ good recycling habits. The first step is to let your coworkers know exactly what is and is not recyclable. The second is to evaluate those items that you use regularly that are not recyclable and perhaps find environmentally-friendly alternatives.

What you recycle may depend on your city’s recycling program. Your municipality likely has a section of its website that sets forth what items are recyclable. If your municipality or landlord doesn’t provide recycling, you’ll need to contact your waste disposal company to arrange for pickup of your recycling. If you have to hire an outside service, consider partnering with other nearby businesses if your own office’s recyclable goods don’t meet its volume criteria for what it will haul.

Let’s take a look at some common office items. Again, whether you have single-stream recycling (which would allow you to place all recyclable materials in a single bin) or they have to be separated will depend on your waste removal company. These items can and should be recycled:... read more

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