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Seven Reasons to Trash the Idea of Buying Plastic

plastic water bottlesThe world at large has a number of concerns.  The amount of plastic in landfills is a major concern for some, but should be on the radar for all.  Consider the following facts:

-          Global consumption of plastics has increased from 5.5 million tons in the 1950s to 110 million tons in 2009.

-          Today’s average American disposes of about 33 million tons of plastic.  Despite recycling efforts, only 6.5% is recycled.  Another 7 to 8% is involved in waste-to-energy projects.

-          The rest of the used plastic makes its way to landfills, where decomposition takes more than 1000 years.

Despite recycling and energy pursuits, increased usage of plastics is still a serious issue.  While broader global efforts are paramount for the health of our planet, each individual plays an integral role.  The more people work together and take little steps, the more the impact will be.  A little bit of work (even just word of mouth) goes a long way to inspire a bigger audience.  Here’s how you can help curb the accumulation of plastic in landfills.... read more

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