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How to Make Your Outdoor Space Environmentally Friendly

eco-friendly outdoor spaceEveryone loves the great outdoors, but we must all work together to take care of the environment. One great way to make an impact right in your own corner of the planet is to “go green” in the back yard. Even a few small, inexpensive changes can make a difference. 

Choose Green Materials

Many traditional building materials are not environmentally friendly. For example, typically decks are built of treated lumber that must be retreated with chemicals to prevent rot. Nevertheless, this decking eventually breaks down and requires replacement. The same is true for fencing and even patios. Traditional materials experience wear over time, and they are also made in factories that may not be environmentally sustainable.

Instead of traditional building materials, search for more sustainable options. For example, fences can be made from bamboo, which is long-lasting, prolific and fast-growing, and decks can be constructed from cedar, which is naturally moisture resistant. Both of these options eliminate the need for additional chemicals. Greener still, you can choose a composite product that looks like wood but is made from recycled materials, including plastics and metal.

Look for manufacturers who have a “Cradle to Cradle” certification, which indicates that their products are safe for the environment, safe for people and durable.... read more

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