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4 Eco-Friendly Vehicle Myths BMW is Busting

Whether you’re scooting through urban rush hour traffic or zooming down the open desert highway, you may be stuck with preconceived notions if you’re planning to do it in an eco-friendly vehicle. BMW is busting several of the myths surrounding green vehicles with its lineup of innovative and earth-friendly cars that are either already racking up sales at dealerships that are catering to the green-friendly community like Chapman BMW, or coming soon to a highway near you. Here are a few eco-friendly vehicle myths BMW is smashing to bits.

Eco-Friendly Has to Be Electric

When folks put the words "eco-friendly" and "vehicle" in the same sentence, they often think the sentence also has to include the words hybrid or electric. That’s not the case at all for the BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics sedan, which runs on good old-fashioned diesel. Not only does the oil-burning vehicle outperform some hybrids with its overall 60 mpg, but it emits less than 110g/km of carbon dioxide, reports. It is also already raking in honors, specifically the Vauxhall Ampera Green Award offered by WHATCAR? for being the Green Car of the Year for 2012.... read more

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