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Homemade Green Cleaning Tips

Green cleaningHomes need regular cleaning, maintenance and attention to look good, however the tasks involved can sometimes be too much. Despite that however we are too much conditioned to use commercial cleaning products which indeed get the job done, but often contain hazardous chemicals. The following article aims to give you some insight into possible solutions and alternatives to these with some easy to make at home cleaning products. We start with the subject of:


  • Cleaning Glass Surfaces

The first thing you have to keep in mind are the window cleaners using ammonia. You really don't want to have those around your home so you can do better than that by getting two simple ingredients in combination. Just get some lemon juice and mix it up with about a liter (half a galon) of water and use that mix to wipe your windows clean. You can also use some good rags or even a cotton t-shirt to dry them off so you won't have to throw away newspapers and other disposable cleaning materials.... read more

Eco-Friendly Office Tips

Offices can be nice, heart-warming places or they can be the epitome of corporate neutrality, however one thing is certain – the need for eco-friendly solutions is there in all cases. The following tips are aimed to giving you the best possible solutions with the simplest things in mind to make you follow the green path. Let's begin with the first one on the list: 

You should turn off any printers, computers, copiers and equipment you're not using at the moment to minimize your power drain. They should always be turned off at the end of each day so you can save as much electricity as possible. You should also make sure that all your machines, computers and so forth are set to their energy efficiency settings. If you're leaving a room, shut the lights off. You should use fluorescent light bulbs instead of the older incandescent type. Also, make sure you use as much as you can from the natural sunlight around you. ... read more

House Clearance Tips – Go Green

house cleaning tipsWhen it comes to clearing your home out before a big move, many of us simply do not know where to begin. There are huge piles of items everywhere, not to mention furniture, white goods and other electronics. There are those drawers and cupboards we haven’t looked at in years and garages that are piled high with long forgotten things. Making a start is hard enough as we look to box up items that we think we will not need for a while. Our list will hopefully give you a little head start in your house clearance.

Donate to Charity

We all have lots of old clothes, videos, kitchen utensils amongst other things that we no longer use or need. But there are lots of charities around the country who are crying out for generous donations like these. When you are organising your belongings ahead of the big move, make a pile for charity donation and in this way you will not have to take a lot of items you no longer need with you. Not only that but you will get a great sense of satisfaction by helping those less fortunate than yourself by donating.... read more

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

eco-friendly cleaningMore and more people are getting into cleaning their homes and laundry in a more eco-friendly way. Not only can it help protect the environment, the watercourse, plants and animals, but it can also benefit your family as well. In a time where allergies are high, it can be reassuring to use products with fewer harsh chemicals; ones that cause fewer breathing problems, rashes and adverse reactions. 

Recently discovered is a very real condition, termed multi-chemical sensitivity or MCS.  MCS is an allergic reaction in response to chemicals around the house, even those as seemingly innocuous as air freshener or washing up liquid. Symptoms include depression and anxiety, nausea, headaches and fatigue. Muscle pain and insomnia are amongst the long list of reported symptoms, which can be mild to completely debilitating. ... read more

Green Home Organizing Tips

Green organization is a way of improving and ordering your home through the use of organic or natural materials. It consists of replacing toxic chemicals, hazardous dyes and non-natural materials we use in our home as decoration and more. Its goal is to promote a better, cleaner home which keeps our environment clean as well as healthy. 

You can stick to three major principles when it comes to green home organizing. Eco-friendly techniques include the reusing, recycling and reducing of all you can work with. Keeping these in mind can greatly help you in making your home safer and better. Staying true to these three principles allows you to lessen your impact on nature, being responsible for your energy waste and habits. ... read more

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