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Are Hybrids Really More Efficient?

Are Hybrids Really More Efficient?The Toyota Prius was initially released in Australia in 2001, and rising fuel costs over the past decade have led to a growth in the market demand for electric cars. Today's consumers can now choose from options like the Nissan Leaf and Honda Jazz hybrid, with an even greater range available outside Australia. Motorists can choose from fully electric, hybrid, plug-in, and super fuel economy cars in a bid to save fuel and reduce carbon emissions. However, do the savings really justify the high sticker price of hybrids?  For those interested in saving both emissions and money at the pump, do the numbers add up, it’s time to really do your research on motoring sites.

Environmental Efficiency

One of the primary reasons why consumers are interested in hybrid vehicles is to reduce their impact on the environment. On a basic level, hybrids are green-friendly because they significantly reduce carbon emissions in comparison to conventionally powered cars. The reduction in hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide can be as high as 90% with the most efficient models. Hybrids also reduce greenhouse gasses by at least 25% in most cases. When reading car reviews, this is one area to look closely at to choose the most efficient hybrid or electric vehicle.... read more

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