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Farmigo: An online farmer's market

Yesterday Farmigo announced that it has launched the first ever online farmer’s market!  

The online farmer's market is designed to connect communities such as workplaces, schools, or community centers to local farms.  This will help them provide a personalized online farmer's market allowing people to purchase local, fresh food. The first food communities are starting off in San Francisco and New York.  Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Chicago, and Philadelphia will be rolling out soon. 

“At Farmigo, we envision a community-oriented food system in which people and farmers in the same geographic region are connected, and everyone has access to fresh-from-harvest food,” said Farmigo founder and chief executive officer, Benzi Ronen. “The Internet has been collapsing supply chains and rewriting conventional business models for nearly two decades, but until now it has had limited impact on the food industry, which is ripe for change. There has never been a better time to disrupt the status quo and Farmigo is poised to fundamentally change the way food is purchased and distributed.”... read more

Reusing Clementine Boxes

One of my favorite wintertime treats are clementines. The sweet satisfaction of eating candy with the nutrition of oranges. YUM!

reusing clementine boxes

Clementines often come in wooden crates. I hate to just throw out a nice wooden seems so wasteful, especially considering how many ways you can upcycle clementine crates!   Make sure to remove any staples from the boxes, especially if your children are going to be using them. ... read more

Top 5 Eco Friendly Homes

There are an ever-increasing number of homes being built with the intention of preserving the world’s natural resources, reducing pollution and preventing global warming. New materials, procedures and equipment are being developed at an alarming rate to ensure this.

More and more eco-friendly systems are appearing in homes all over the world from solar panels to water filtration systems, as an increasing number of new-age engineers, architects and scientists, aim to build an eco-friendly society.

This list of the top 5 environmentally friendly houses has been put together by The Sash Window Workshop who are taking a keen interest in developments throughout the eco-industry.

1.       The Solar-Sector House

 solar house

 Image by

An energy tower positioned in the centre of the house is the focal point of the eco system that is the solar–sector house. The house is divided into four different compartments that are linked together by air gaps with operable windows and doors that offer ventilation in the summer and pre-heat the air in the winter. Phase-altering materials let the house quickly pass warm or cold air to where it’s required most. The outer area is covered in solar panels; the fronts of which are covered by gold and bronze photovoltaic cells for aesthetic appeal and work as a conductor.  The house was designed for the Solar Decathlon Europe, a competition that measures the industrialisation, energy balance and sustainability of a house. The Stuttgart University, Applied Sciences Department’s objective was to build a house that is capable of producing more energy than it uses.... read more

Keep Your House Warm in the Winter

Keep your house warm in the winterI know it's still autumn, but I saw Halloween stuff at the store yesterday, which can only mean that autumn is right around the corner, which means winter isn't too far behind!  It got me do you keep your house warmer without harming the environment and racking up a huge heat bill?

There are lots of ways!

-  The first and most obvious way is to lower the heat and put on an extra layer.  Sweaters, socks, and slippers...they all go a long way on a chilly evening!

- Don't keep your house warmer than you need to. According to EnergyAustralia,  a one degree increase in temperature can increase your heating costs by up to 10%.  That's pretty substantial!... read more

Eating Locally Year Round

Of course, we all know the environmental benefits of eating locally grown food.   In much of the country, it's still tricky to eat locally year round.   It's tricky, but not impossible.  

Here are some tips to help you:  ... read more

  • Become a seasonally savvy shopper and learn what’s in season in your neck of the woods and when.  This makes it easier to shop for local food.  Epicurious has an easy-to-use map, making it quick and simple to learn what’s in season.  You can even click on the list to get recipes in case you're stumped.  
  • Whole Foods Markets often have locally grown produce, even in the winter.  Many of these items come from local greenhouses and root cellars.  Even if the local produce pickins are slim, Whole Foods Markets often has other local foods, such as meat, baked goods, tomato sauces, ice creams, and more.  Every Whole Foods Market in the North Atlantic region has a Forager.  Kathleen Connolly, Forager at the Newton, Massachusetts Whole Foods Market explains:  "Every Whole Foods Market in our region has a forager whose duties, in addition to their everyday responsibilities, are finding local companies whose goals and mission are similar to ours and helping them bring their product to sell at Whole Foods."

Clean Energy Victory Bonds


Clean Energy Victory Bonds


Are you familiar with the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2012?   If not, you should be!  This initiative can help the US economy and the environment.

A little background:  On August 2, 2012, Representative Bob Filner and 10 cosponsors introduced the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2012, H.R. 6275 in the House of Representatives. The bill is officially entitled “To promote the domestic development and deployment of clean energy technologies required for the 21st century” and will allow Americans to invest in Treasury Bonds for as low as $25 each.  The bonds will fund clean energy programs that support wind, solar, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles in the US.... read more

Time to can apples!

It's my favorite time of the year - autumn!  Cool nights, changing leaves, Halloween...and APPLES!

We go apple crazy every fall.  We go apple picking and then I like to buy damaged apples ("seconds") as well.  They're perfect for canning recipes.  I also love canning apples because then I have that fresh taste of autumn ready in the pantry all winter long.  Plus, they make excellent gifts for the holidays!

Here are some of my favorite apple canning ideas:

Applesauce.  Gotta love good old fashioned applesauce.  It's a great, healthy snack for kids and adults.  Perfect to put in a small container for a school lunch.  A treat around Hanukkah when eaten with homemade latkes.  So simple and delicious.  We always skip the sugar and sometimes add cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.   It makes the house smell amazing!   We also like applesauce fruit blends, especially my son.  Blueberry, strawberry, and peach applesauce are all fabulous.  It's still peach season in much of the US, so stock up on some local peaches or go peach picking, too!... read more

Kids! Take the ENERGY STAR Challenge!

Hey kids!  Want to tell the world about the things you do to save energy, money, and protect the climate?  Here's your opportunity!

Kids who submit an essay about saving energy to the Share Your Story ENERGY STAR page and click on the "DoSomething Team ENERGY STAR Challenge" immediately become eligible for a number of prizes, such as:

·      The new Lorax DVD, which will go to the first 100 kids to submit essays

·      25 winners will receive ENERGY STAR qualified electronics products donated by LG Electronics, including computer monitors and televisions, smart phones, and mouse scanners

·      Top winners will also be featured in New York's Times Square on the LG billboard.

·      Some winners may have a chance to participate in ENERGY STAR Day in October with EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson.... read more

San Francisco Bay Area's Be the Street Video Contest!

Do you or your kids want the opportunity to be a part of something BIG?   If you live in the Bay Area, here's their chance!  

Be the Street, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping the Bay Area clean and safe is offering an opportunity for youth to make a difference in the world by participating in an anti-litter campaign.  ... read more

Green Back-to-School Giveaway

It's our GREEN BACK-TO-SCHOOL giveaway!!

Say good-bye to brown-bagged lunches, Ziplocs, and other single-use lunchtime products and get on board with the Litter-Free Lunch Kit!   The Litter-Free Lunch Kit contains an insulated lunch box, a beverage container, and 4 snack/sandwich containers.  Your kid can go back to school KEEN and GREEN by winning this fantastic lunch kit.  

Litter free lunch kit

Win a Litter-Free Lunch Kit!

Here are the giveaway rules:

1)  "LIKE" Keen for Green on Facebook.  

2)  "LIKE" New Wave Enviro on Facebook.  

3) Comment on New Wave Enviro's FB page telling them what your favorite product is on their website.    Go to New Wave Enviro's website to see their products.  

4)  Email [email protected] to let us know that you've become a fan of both and commented on New Wave's FB page.  ... read more

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