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Non-Kitchen Items for your Compost

Toilet paper rollsMost of us know all of the kitchen stuff you can compost - coffee grinds, bread crumbs, tea bags.   Many people tend to just think of kitchen items when it comes to composting, but there are actually plenty of things outside the kitchen that you can compost!    

- Used tissues

- Toilet paper rolls

- Nail clippings 

- Cotton balls (as long as they are 100% cotton)... read more

Composting Pizza Boxes

Composting pizza boxesWe've written before about how pizza boxes are not recyclable.  

As John Pauline explained in The Rules of Recycling

"Due to the nature of paper’s specific recycling process putting used pizza boxes in can make the entire process pointless. This is because one of the worst possible contaminants in the paper recycling process is food.  Residual greases and oils are less of an issue for plastic, metal and glass, due to the heating technique which is part of their recycling process. Paper and cardboard products on the other hand are mixed with water and turned into slurry when recycled. Once oil or grease is introduced into this process it contaminates the water based slurry and floats to the top as it separates."

So, that might leave you should you dispose of a pizza box?  ... read more

Love is the Color of a Rainbow by Kathy Parra - Giveaway!

Love is the Color of a Rainbow is a children's nature book written by author Kathy Parra...and we're teaming up with Kathy to give one copy away to a lucky Keen For Green reader!

Here's how to enter:

1)  Like Keen For Green on Facebook.

2) Like Kathy Parra on Facebook.  

3)  Leave a comment on Kathy Parra's Facebook page naming your favorite part of nature.   

To be entered in the giveaway, please email [email protected] to let us know that you've done the steps to enter.

The giveaway ends on July 29 at midnight and a winner will be alerted on July 30.   
... read more

Green Kid Crafts Giveaway!

We are pleased to be parterning with Green Kid Crafts for a fantastic giveaway!  Earlier this week, I reviewed Green Kid Crafts - and loved it!  Now here is your chance to win a box filled with eco-friendly craft materials for you and your kids to enjoy.  Here's how to enter:... read more

Go Green and Save Money!

Our friends at Easy Finance look at some different stats for the finances of going green and saving money.  

They go on to explain:  "There are a number of ways to help our environment almost effortlessly and without spending a single dollar. Some principles of a sustainable lifestyle are pretty straightforward and easy to put into practice."

Check out the graphic below to learn more.  ... read more

Tips for Greening Your Lawn

Many homeowners want a nice green lawn - as in the color.  But, how about making your lawn greener, in terms of sustainability?  It's easy!  

Here are some tips:

Less Grass

Having a huge lawn uses a lot of water.  Lawn care equipment is also responsable for roughly 5% of air pollution in areas that don't meet federal air quality standards, according to the EPA.  Start off by cutting down on the grass in your yard and fill up your yard with a nice patio, native plants, and edible gardens.  ... read more

Comparing Incandescent, CFL, and LED Light bulbs

I just wanted to share this infographic from our friends over at  It compares incandescent lightbulbs, CFL (the "swirly" shaped bulbs), and LED light bulbs.  

I didn't know much about LED bulbs, but incandescent and CFL bulbs ain't got nothing on them!

See below for the infographic:... read more

Are bottle caps recyclable?

Plastic Bottle Cap RecyclingPlastic Bottle Cap Recycling
UPDATE:  Bottle caps are now recyclable, usually.  Call your local recycling center for more details.

Think twice before throwing that bottle cap into your recycling bin.  Bottle caps can actually be difficult to recycle and I suggest you contacting your city's recycling center before recycling them. 

Plastic Bottle Caps

Plastic bottles and bottle caps are usually made from different types of plastic, so even if they can both be recycled , they may need to be separated first.   Explains Darby Hoover, resource specialist for the NRDC:  “You can probably improve the chances of the bottle—and possibly the cap, but at least the bottle—getting recycled if you take off the cap. This also allows the bottle to dry out some."    ... read more

The State of the Air 2012

American Lung Association State of the Air

Have you read the American Lung Association's State of the Air 2012 report?  If not, I urge you to check it out immediately.  Visit the website and see what the grade is for where you live.   You may be surprised.  

The good news?  Things are getting better.   Air quality is improving.  

The bad news?  We still have a long way to go.  Over 127 million people live in counties that received an "F" for pollution.  California has the most polluted cities on the list.  ... read more

PUR One-Click Faucet Mount Giveaway!

We're pleased to be partnering with PUR to giveaway an awesome faucet mount water filter!  I have one myself and we were able to put it together, install, and drink fresh filtered water within minutes.  It's sturdy and takes up less space than a pitcher.  I'm a fan and you're sure to like it, too!

WIN PUR One-Click Chrome Faucet Mount!

All you have to do is:

1)  "LIKE" Keen for Green on Facebook.  

2)  "LIKE" PUR on Facebook.  

3)  Email [email protected] to let us know that you've become a fan of both. ... read more

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