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Eco-Friendly Shoes: Colourful Grass Footwear

I just wanted to spread the word about a brand of eco-friendly shoes that I recently came across.  

Based in Canada, The Colourful Grass Shoe Company uses green and vegan materials, including hemp, organic cotton, recycled rubber, and coconut shell buttons.  The workers who make the shoes are ethically treated and the company is committed to keeping their carbon footprint low.  ... read more

The Other Baby Book: An Interview with the Authors

The Other Baby BookThe Other Baby BookKeen For Green is excited to be today's stop on The Other Baby Book's Virtual Book Tour!  I had the opportunity to interview the authors, Megan McGrory Massaro and Miriam Katz.   Learn about their book and their green parenting practices.... read more

How did you first come up with the idea of writing this book?

Megan and I met through an Attachment Parenting moms group in the Boston area. We were using similar practices – elimination communication, baby-led weaning, babywearing, co-sleeping, nursing on demand, etc. Many of our friends and even group members would ask about our parenting tools, which we had both researched extensively. We found ourselves repeatedly wishing that there were one resource where you could learn about all of these baby-centric practices. New moms don’t have tons of time to read, so we felt we’d be doing them a service if we converted our knowledge and passion for the topic into a practical how-to manual.

Earth Day Giveaway - New Wave Enviro's Litter Free Lunch!

Welcome to the Keen For Green Earth Day Giveaway 2012!

We're pleased to offer the LITTER FREE LUNCH KIT from New Wave Enviro!  It comes with a bamboo rayon lunch sack, Panda reusable water bottle, and stainless steel food container.  (All pictured below)  It's a $40 value! ... read more

Bamboo Lunch BagBamboo Lunch Bag

Organic Milk vs. Regular Milk: Benefits of Organic Milk

Did you know that because organic milk uses a different method to preserve it, organic milk lasts significantly longer in your fridge than non-organic milk?  It's true.  Next time you're at the grocery store, compare the expiration dates on non-organic and organic milk cartons.  Check out this article from Scientific American for more info.  

The price difference between organic and non-organic milk can be substantial, but the overall benefits might be important to you.  ... read more

A Green Passover

Passover is the perfect holiday for going green.

Rabbi Waskow of Baltimore sees connections between the history of Passover and today's modern environmental movement.

In 2008, Rabbi Waskow wrote for The Washington Post saying, "If in our generation we were to broaden Passover to celebrate its earthiness, we would be renewing some of its most ancient meanings — even before the Exodus. For close reading of the Bible (especially Lev. 23: 4-8 and Num. 28: 16-17) makes clear that there were originally two earthy festivals at the full moon of spring: One was the shepherds’ festival involving the sacrificial broiling of newborn lambs and a shepherds’ skipping, stumbling dance called ‘pesach — skip-over’ that imitates the skipping, stumbling newborn lambs. The other was the farmers’ festival of the spring barley harvest, celebrated by baking the simplest, most primordial of all breads, the unleavened matzot of flour, water, fire — scouring out all yeast, all rising from their homes."

So why not take an opportunity to green your Pesach?... read more

Trudee Lunden: Green Songwriter

Meet Trudee Lunden.

Trudee Lunden is a writer, marketer, and songwriter with a passion for the environment.  Not only does Trudee live a green lifestyle, but she integrates her love for the planet in her songwriting.  Trudee has co-written 2 songs about electric cars:  Wired and Electricity.... read more

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This is a test - yes a test ... read more

The Little Cleaning Box

I just had the wonderful opportunity to sample The Little Cleaning Box.  

The Little Cleaning Box is a service where you receive a box filled with green cleaning samples four times a year.  You can try out the samples and decide which are your favorites before buying more.  I love it because sometimes when I purchase cleaning supplies, I end up disappointed in them because they don't clean well or I like the product but not the scent.  This can help you figure out exactly what to buy.... read more

Annie's Pizza Trivia Answers and Winners

Congrats to Kelly Desilver, Suzanne, and Alexis Howell for winning coupons and merchandise from Annie's Homegrown!  

Here are the answers to the pizza trivia questions:

1.  Which pizza ingredient is 90% water?  Tomato.  

2.  Which month is National Pizza Month?  October.  

3.  What is America's favorite pizza topping?  a) pepperoni, b) sausage, or c) mushrooms.  a) pepperoni  

4.  True or false:  Cheese is the most popular flavor of frozen pizza in the United States.  False.  It's pepperoni.... read more

Annie's Pizza Trivia - Round Three!

Annie's homegrown pizzaAnnie's homegrown pizzaThanks to Annie's Homegrown, we are plaing fun pizza trivia to celebrate the new Annie's Organic Rising Crust Pizza.  Join us to win some great prizes from Annie's Homegrown! 

How do you play?

Answer the trivia questions below and email your answers to [email protected].  Participants with the correct answers will automatically be entered into a drawing to win one of Annie's prizes!  Our first round of pizza trivia was on March 14 and our second round of pizza trivia was on March 19, 2012.  You may enter each series once.  The game ends on March 25th at midnight and winners will be announced on March 26th.  ... read more

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