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A New Green Home in Newton, Massachusetts

I recently had the opportunity to view the construction of a sustainable house being built in my neighborhood in Newton, Massachusetts.  The home was designed by LDa Architecture and Interiors, based out of Cambridge, MA.  

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Giveaway! Tinted Stainless Steel Food Container with Divider from New Wave Enviro

Remember the awesome stainless steel food container that I reviewed last week?  Now it's time to win one, courtesy of New Wave Enviro!  

Here are the giveaway rules:... read more

Are Applesauce Pouches Recyclable?

I'm sad to say that I developed an unkeen, ungreen habit in 2011.   Sometime after my son's first birthday, he went from eating almost everything served to him to being the type of kid who would prefer to exist off yogurt, mac and cheese, and crackers.  Sigh.  

Frustrated, I'd wander the supermarket aisles trying to think of what I could possibly feed my picky son.  Then at my local Trader Joe's, I noticed these:


Pouches of applesauce - some plain, some with carrots, some with bananas.  To my surprise, my son loved them.  These pouches (and also the GoGo Squeez which I could buy in bulk at Costco - and a few other brands like Peter Rabbit Organics) quickly became my son's favorite snack while out and about.  Healthy, mess-free, portable...I could stuff a bunch in my purse for a quick snack on the go.  Genius, right?... read more

Keen For Green 2011 Recap

Hapy New Year!  Here are some of my favorite Keen For Green green stories from 2011!

January ... read more

Solar paint instead of panels?

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have recently developed a solar paint.  The thought is that this paint could eventually replace solar panels, making solar energy far more affordable.  

The paint is made of "quantum dots" and it can be painted on any surface to produce power from the sun.  The little dots are semiconducting crystals which are 2-10 nanometers in diameter.  They're mixed into dye and it actually looks like normal paint!

Here's how they did it:  The scientists at the University of Notre Dame used nano-sized particles of titanium oxide and then covered them in cadmium sulphide or cadmium selenide.  They made a paste by putting the particles into a mixture of water and alcohol.  When the entire mixture was put on a conducting material and light was shone on it, the electricity was generated from it.  ... read more

5 Tips for Getting a Job in Green Advocacy

Today we have a blog post by Michael Long, Director of about tips for getting a job in green advocacy.  Thanks for a great blog post, Michael!  
1. Learn Business Software - Before you can get your donor list engaged in your cause, you need to be able to create and manage a donor list.  I’ve interviewed executive directors and program managers at many great non-profits, and while passion is important, the hard skills are more often the best inroad into green advocacy.  Advocacy groups have to deal with donor lists, volunteer lists, mailing lists, financial documents, filings and marketing outreach. The nuts and bolts of most organization are going to be the word processing, spreadsheets and databases. A “certifications for basic office software” (word processing, spreadsheets, Microsoft Office) can be a huge advantage when applying for a position in an environmental advocacy organization.
2. Learn Online Promotion - Facebook pages and “tweets” are quickly becoming the most popular outreach mechanism for green and environmental advocacy organization. While it is not difficult to find a college student with hundreds of Facebook friends, it is much more of a challenge to use Facebook to get donors and the public engaged in a good cause. Learning the ends and outs of professional social media outreach is vital to building a base for change. A great way to do this is by building your own advocacy page or your own online green network. The employer will be impressed and your resume will go to the top immediately.

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Upcycling Throw Pillows

I really like throw pillows, but unfortunately many of the throw pillows in my house have seen better days.  While going through the attic, old clothes, and my son's closet, I had an idea:  what if I upcycled these ratty old throw pillows?  I have a crafty friend with a sewing machine who has been hosting upcycling workshops - this could be a fun project.  

I gathered up some things that would be good covers on these old throw pillows:

Old T-shirts

I found a big old Winnie the Pooh t-shirt among my pajamas.  It's not something I wear frequently, and my son is a huge Winnie the Pooh fan, so why not turn that old Pooh shirt into a throw pillow for my son's room?

Old Sweaters

Sweaters can make a nice cozy material for a throw pillow.  If you have sweaters that are ill-fitting, ripped, or uncomfortable, they could make a lovely pillow case. ... read more

Green Cold Care Tips

Ahh, wintertime.  Holidays, snow, cookies...and COLDS.  Ugh!  I'm at the tail end of one right now, and it got me to thinking about different ways to treat my cold symptoms while being green as possible.

For a sore throat, I love good old fashioned hot tea with honey or some piping hot soup.  Today I had a bowl of udon soup for lunch and it felt great on my throat.   For sinus congestion, I also like something spicy!   As for tea, I love Traditional Medicine's Organic Throat Coat Tea.   Meanwhile, my husband swears by Gum Wall Cha. ... read more

Clean + Green Sale

Just wanted to let everyone know that there's a sale going on at SeaYu’s Clean+Green natural pet stain and odor removers.  From now until January 2nd, you can get 50% off your purchase of three cans or more of Clean+Green when you use coupon code HOLIDAYPET.

I reviewed Clean + Green's furniture refresher over the summer, and it's great!  I'll be reviewing the Litter Box Cleaner and Odor Remover in the near future as well.  ... read more

Green like Grandma

When I was little, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, or "Nonna."  I always remember that she would save the little plastic yogurt cups and I would use them as drinking cups while I was there.  It dawned on me that my grandmother was actually quite green.  While today's generation is getting more eco-conscious, our grandparents and great-grandparents generations did a lot of very green things, without even realizing how green it was.  ... read more

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