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Green Toilets: Clivus Waterless Composting Toilets at Walden Pond

In a recent trip to the beautiful Walden Pond, I was using the restroom facility and saw this sign:

Green Toliets

Click to enlarge.

What it says is:

The self-contained waterless toilets in this facility are saving thousands of gallons of water each year and produce no sewage to contaminate the environment.  

"This recycling system uses natural biological decomposition to convert toilet waste into water vapor, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of compost that is biologically stable, odor-free, and similar to topsoil.

I hadn't seen toilets like these before, so I immediately went to the manufacturer's website to get the scoop.... read more

What is BPA and why is it bad?

BPA, Bisphenol A, Toxic chemicalBPA, or Bisphenol A,  is a chemical used in polycarbonate plastic food and beverage containers.  It's common in baby bottles and water bottles.  It's also used in compact discs, safety equipment, and medical devices.   There have also been trace amounts in dental sealants and beverage cans.  The toxins can leach into your food and drink.  It's been suspected to b... read more

Kill Slugs with Beer

Kill slugs With Beer, Beer Kill slugs, Eco-Use of Beer Ewww!  Are there slugs all over your garden?  They're everywhere in mine, especially after the damp early summer we had here in the Northeast.

But don't worry...there's one way to at least reduce the amount of slugs in your garden.  Drown those suckers in beer!... read more

Using Vinegar to Kill Weeds

A few weeks ago, I wrote about all the great things you can do with vinegar.   I hadn't tried using vinegar to kill weeds until this week, and it worked so well that I wanted to share some pictures!

We had weeds like this all over the sidewalk cracks in the front of our house:

Vinegar Kills Weed, Green Weed Killer Vinegar

Then on Saturday morning, I poured plain old white vinegar and within a few very hot, sunny days, the weeds shriveled into this:

Non-Toxic Weed Killer, Vinnegar... read more

Six Pack Rings

Six Pack Rings, Problems With Soda RingsGrowing up, one thing I always remember hearing about was that those plastic six pack rings that hold together cans of soda and beer could strangle sea turtles.  Horrified, I always made certain to cut them up before disposing of them.... read more

Hybrid Cabs in Boston

Last year, the City of Boston ordered that all cabs must be converted to hybrids by 2015.  However, last April, taxi drivers sued the city over this and today the judge ruled that Boston cannot force cabbies to buy hybrids.

Currently, most of the taxis are refurbished police cars (mostly Crown Victorias) and cab owners are required to keep all cabs in their fleet under 6 years old.  The taxi drivers said that this ordinance could put them out of business and that they aren't against ultimately greening the fleet.

... read more

Compostable Corn Cups

Last fall, I went to Boloco to chow down on a burrito.  For those of you who haven't heard of Boloco, they're a burrito place in Greater Boston that uses things like naturally raised meat, organic tofu, etc.  The food is yummy and I feel good about supporting them!  Their bowls are made of bamboo and their cups are made of corn and supposedly compostable.  ... read more

Paper or Plastic: What's better for the environment?

Remember the days where you'd be grocery shopping and the bagger would ask your preference:  “Paper or plastic?”  Now, before you can even blink an eye, they're shoving all of your stuff into plastic bags.  Between looking for my Stop & Shop discount card, digging around in the abyss of my purse trying to find my wallet, sometimes I don't have time to even hand them my canvas bag before they've put everything into (cheaper) plastic. &... read more

Green Ways to Get Rid of Bugs

I don't know what's going on in our house this summer, but bugs can't seem to get enough of it!  From pantry moths that got into our rice to fruit flies hanging around the kitchen...OK, I take the blame for the fruit flies after I accidentally left a bowl of grapes out on the counter overnight.

Get Rid of Ants Green Way, Green Ant Killer... read more

Cigarettes and the Environment: Harmful Effects

Cigarettes and the EnvironmentEveryone knows how bad smoking cigarettes are for one's health, but what about their effect on the environment? 

Let's take a look at some facts:  ... read more

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