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Go Fish: Eating Sustainable Seafood

Go Green: Eating Sustainable SeafoodSeafood can be good for you and so very tasty, but due to a variety of different causes, some seafood is (sadly) bad for the environment.  From overfishing to habitat damage, there are certain types of seafood that you should avoid eating.... read more

Staycation Ideas: Good for your wallet & the environment

I've been hearing the word "staycation" thrown around a lot lately.  For those unfamiliar with the term, it means to use your vacation time to just stay around town. A local vacation can be a great way to save money and help the environment.  I think the trend primarily started due to the economy and people trying to enjoy their time off while on a budget, but after reading Michelle's Green Summer Outings post, it made me think of how taking a "staycation" is actually a very eco-friendly thing to do!... read more

Paper made of...poop?

Yes, you read my headline right!   This was just way too cool not to share.

Sheep Poo Paper makes paper out of fresh sheep poop in Wales.  Don't worry, they sterilize it!  (at 120 degrees centigrade)

Sheep Poo Paper... read more

All About Baking Soda

Baking soda is often talked about being an eco-friendly solution to almost anything.  From making your own laundry detergent to scrubbing the counters with it, there are plenty of uses for baking soda.

I wanted to blog about all the wonderful things that I use baking soda for, but as I began making my list lead me to wonder how green baking soda really is.... read more

What can plastic be recycled into?

I've always recycled, but sort of mindlessly.  I knew what I could and couldn't recycle and I always did so, but I didn't really think about what happens to the items you recycle.  Namely, plastic.

I did a little bit of research and am in awe of the types of things that a recyclable plastic item, such as a plastic milk jug, could be turned into.

Here are some things I found that can be made out of recycled plastic:... read more

Making your electronics last

I've got a closet in my house that is an electronics graveyard.  Dead cell phones, laptops that didn't pay to repair, and 2 desktop computers circa 2000.  I didn't know how to properly dispose of these things, so I just stuck them into a closet where their only current purpose is catching dust.... read more

Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Community Supported AgricultureAre you familiar with Community Supported Agriculture?  Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a great way to support farms in your community, while getting fresh, local fruits and veggies.... read more

Yellow Pages, not so green.

Yellow Pages, not so green.

If you're like me, you have a huge pile of phone books sitting on a bookshelf because you don't know what to do with them.... read more

Throw an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

 Eco-Friendly Baby ShowerWhat happens when you've been asked to throw a baby shower but you don't want to contribute to all the waste associated with it?  Streamers, paper plates, decorations that just wind up in the dumpster?

Or maybe you're a mommy-to-be, and you want to make sure that whoever is planning your shower does it in the "greenest" way possible.... read more

Eight Ways to Reduce Water Consumption in your Garden

Eight Ways to Reduce Water Consumption in your Garden I recently read an article in Mother Jones about reducing your "water footprint."  Sometimes it's easy to use lots of water without even realizing it.  Some tips are pretty simple to do, like turning off the water while you brush your t... read more

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