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The Mug Project: Use Reusable Water Bottles and Mugs to Go Green

One of the easiest ways to go green is to use your own mug or reusable water bottles while at work or on the go.

The Mug Project... read more

Doing your laundry the eco-friendly way!

Doing the laundry can use a lot of water and energy, and typical detergents aren't the most eco-friendly thing either.  But there are ways to make your laundry endeavors keener and greener!

Laundry the Green Way... read more

Turning Waste into Purses!

I thoTurning Waste into Purses!ught this was very cool.  TerraCycle, Capri Sun™, and Honest Kids™ are making purses, tote bags, and pencil cases out of used drink pouches!  The TerraCycle, Capri Sun™ and Honest Kids™ Brigade collects drink pouches from individuals and organizations, and for each drink pouch two cents goes to the charity of your choic... read more

Which fruits and veggies to buy organic?

As much as I'd love to shop all organic, my bank account simply doesn't allow it.  Sometimes the price tags on organic food are so much higher than non-organic, that I can't even imagine being able to spend that much on say, a bunch of bananas.

I decided to do some research on what is worth spending the extra dough to buy organic, and what is less necessary.

... read more

Local Farmer's Market Tips

Farmers markets are a great way to eat locally!  I love a good farmers market.

Here are some tips for shopping at a farmers market:

1)  Bring your own bags. It's the eco-friendly thing to do, of course! And sometimes they bags they have at farmers markets can be really flimsy.  You wouldn't want them to break and have all of your delicious and local apples roll away, would you?... read more's Clean Energy Jobs Day


Tomorrow, May 28, is organizing a Clean Energy Jobs Day.  According to, the purpose is "to demonstrate the promise of the clean energy economy to Congress, the media, and the public."  They'll be highlighting clean energy jobs and businesses in local communities and discuss how they can grow.   All of the groups will then call their senators and/or representitives to support Obama's plans for a new energy economy!

There are events going on all over the country, so check to see where there's an event going on near you!  None going on near your home?  Host one yourself!


Plants that Repel Mosquitoes & Pesky Bugs

Basil repels mosquitoes

Anyone who lives somewhere with hot, muggy summers knows how mosquitoes can ruin an otherwise lovely hot summer evening.  How many times have you been sitting in the backyard swatting and scratching because of those pesky skeeters?

There are many ways to repel mosquitoes without having to even use bug spray!  ... read more

Ladybugs are a gardener's best friend!

Not only are ladybugs super cute, they are useful in the garden.  Ladybugs will kill many common pests, so throw away that pesticide and set some ladybugs loose in your garden!

Ladybugs will prey on aphids, mites, mealybugs, and more.... read more

You're never too young to "go green!" has a slideshow with pictures of the Earth Day festivities at the Boston Children's Museum.

These pictures were too cute not to share, and it just goes to show you that you can teach kids to care about the environment at a very young age!

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