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Eco-Friendly Tips for Sports Athletes

Doing the sport you love brings a different kind of fulfillment. It’s a great way to get fit and unwind while developing new skills. However, it is important to note that just like in anything else that you do, you should alway be mindful of how you are affecting the environment when you are engrossed to the game. Don’t be a bad sport to mother earth. Here are some simple ways you can be eco-friendly while enjoying a round of your favorite outdoor or indoor game. 

Avoid plastic bottles

One of the basic items to bring when doing any physically exhilarating sport is a bottle of water. It’s good to know that this can be quickly grabbed from your friendly neighbor 7-Eleven but these bottles are also just as quick in devastating the environment.You may not realize it but a weeklong of basketball can accumulate enough plastic bottles to carelessly create another problem for society. Ditch the plastic bottles and opt for reusable ones instead. You’ll find that reusable bottles are more efficient because of its capacity. Also, whenever you can, opt for water instead of electrolyte replacements which are packaged in plastic containers. ... read more

Corporations That Care About Social Issues [Infographic]

 While for-profit businesses aren't always known for their generosity, there are still in fact dozens of U.S. companies that reach into their deep pockects and give money to help make a difference for some of society's most vulnerable populations and to create a positive change in today's deteriorating environment. Take a look at which copanies give the most and have the biggest impact on alarming social issues. ... read more

How To Achieve Eco-Friendly Living In Your Apartment

When you live in a city, a vast living space isn’t always an option. Good thing there are well-designed apartments and condo units that offer ample space comfortable enough to make a home.... read more

Being Environment-Friendly While Staying Healthy

Getting fit is perhaps one of the best things you could give to yourself.  After all the time and effort you specially dedicate to your workouts, nothing feels more reassuring than knowing that you are in good health. Nonetheless, as we aim for our desired physical build, it would also be great if we could simultaneously do this while protecting the environment. To stay fit while being eco-friendly, here are some easy tips to remember.

... read more

Eco-Friendly Ways to Give Gifts this Christmas

With Thanksgiving wrapping up, it’s now the Christmas holidays that we can start looking forward to! It’s that time of the year once again when we express are love and appreciation to friends and family. However as we enjoy the season of giving, let’s not forget about our responsibility towards nature by thinking of alternative ways on how to shop and prepare gifts without hurting our surroundings. Here are easy ways to do it.... read more

School and Office Supplies: How to Use and Spend for them Wisely

Would you believe that every year, 14 billion pencils are produced? Most of them are produced with wood from ancient forests. Each year, Americans use about 31.5 million tons of printing and writing paper, which means that 535 million trees and 12 billion gallons of oil are required to make them. 

 ... read more

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