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Is a Solar-Powered Backpack Right For You?

These days, it seems like there's one "eco-friendly" gimmick after the other hitting the market, promising to decrease consumers' carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. One of the latest innovations promising to deliver results is the Voltaic Solar Backpack.  But is this new product right for you? Read on to learn about some of its features and decide if it meets you individual needs.

Charging Power

The bag contains two removable 2.0 solar watt panels that combine to provide 4 watts of green energy. Claiming that 4-5 hours in the sunlight is enough to charge the average smartphone, this bag can mean revolutionary changes to our old approach to energy and electricity. It also possesses a USB battery that can be charged either via the sun or, if need be, a power cable. The battery allows for long-term energy storage to allow for easy use whenever, wherever. It could definitely come in handy for the student on the go.... read more

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