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How to Easily Make Your Daily Commute Greener

It is nearly impossible in today’s economic climate not to consider the cost of gasoline when planning any trip in your automobile. At the same time, concerns pertaining to greenhouse gases emitted from automobile exhaust pipes have the environmentally conscious commuter thinking of ways to reduce their carbon footprints. Thankfully, there are several options for daily commuters wanting to save money and the environment, while still getting to work on time and without much hassle.

Bike to Work

Biking to work has become more common among commuters and can knock out two birds with one stone. You're saving money by not spending money on gas and you’re getting some exercise. Of course there are legitimate concerns about safety and biking during rush hour in larger cities. Most municipalities have bike lanes, complete with round post collapsible bollards, to keep cars out of the lanes and give riders more peace of mind. It is best to ride your bike to the workplace on a weekend to see how long it will take and to plan your route. One of the drawbacks to bike riding is you will likely sweat a little during warmer months and may not want to show up to work in that condition. One solution is to join a nearby gym where you can shower and change before stepping into the office. You could also take your change of clothes to the workplace beforehand and put them on when you arrive.... read more

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