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Steps to Take Before a Vacation to Ensure You Don't Waste Energy While You're Gone

Home safety and security are often foremost on a homeowner's mind prior to going on vacation. To be able to fully relax and enjoy themselves, people should tend to these issues before leaving. Likewise, considering energy conservation while they're away is also a good idea.

Individuals and families can avoid wasting energy while they're away having fun with a few simple steps. By making these steps part of every pre-vacation checklist, no one will have to worry about appliances that were left turned on or anything else that might waste energy and result in a high utility bill.

Before going away for the weekend or an extended length of time, use these steps to ensure savings and smart energy use.

It pays to ensure all electronics are turned off before leaving for vacation.
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Online Payments: Just One More Way to Save Paper

Businesses, as well as individuals, are continually making more of an effort to follow environmentally friendly practices. Recycling paper was one of the first green practices to be commonly used in homes and businesses. Eventually, this practice led to businesses going paperless in an effort to reduce paper use and save trees.

Whether an individual runs a one-person operation or heads a large corporation, choosing to go paperless is an excellent way to give back to the world by conserving a valuable resource. Online payment options offer business owners an additional way to save paper, while also making transactions easier and more convenient for the consumer.

Online payments and other green practices benefit businesses and their customers.

Benefits of Online Payments

  • Contribute Toward Paper Use Reduction.

    As recently as 2007, 84 million tons of solid municipal waste in the United States came from paper. It's hard to fathom this amount of paper, or the trees it all came from, lying in a landfill somewhere. But that's exactly what happens. While we haven't yet reached zero waste from paper (which doesn't include paper that's recycled), every business that chooses online payment options helps get us closer to that goal.... read more

Tips for Being as Eco-Friendly as Possible When Traveling Internationally

Individuals who are intentionally environmentally friendly at home often try to carry their eco-conscious way of living with them when they travel abroad. An eco-friendly style of travel is beneficial to other countries and also makes the person a goodwill ambassador for their home country.

Whether a person travels for business or pleasure, there are plenty of ways to take care of the environment no matter where the individual goes.

It takes seconds to toss trash in the garbage, but the positive impact lasts years.

Environmentally Friendly Tips for Travel Overseas

    • Rent a Hybrid Car.

      The use of hybrid cars, at home and on vacation, prevents gas and oil pollution that affects the environment and our health. Renting a hybrid car while overseas is beneficial to the immediate environment and may also introduce the driver to a new way of taking care of their home environment.... read more

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