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What is a Home Energy Management System?

Home Energy Managing Systems are tools that monitor energy data from your electricity meter and/or PV solar system.  The system tracks how much energy is in use at any given time or over a period of time.  There are two types of energy management systems on the market: 1) those geared toward utility companies to monitor customer use and allow them to adjust rates based on use; and 2) those for home owners to monitor their own home energy use in order to be more efficient. ... read more

40 Home Energy Saving Tips

Home energy use

When there is a will there is a way. It is simple to save energy and money at home when you stop, think, and plan.  Here are 40 simple energy saving tips you can implement today.  Most of these are free (yes!) and can make a big difference.... read more

How to Improve Home Window Efficiency

I recently wrote about how roughly one-third of your cool air escapes through your windows. Windows make up a large portion of the perimeter of your home – about 15% - so it’s important to understand how your windows impact your energy consumption. Here are 10 simple steps you can take to improve your home window efficiency.... read more

Simple Solutions for Home Energy Loss

Almost every home has energy loss problems that can be solved with easy, do-it-yourself solutions. Everyone is eager to cut a few dollars off that monthly energy bill and help the environment in the process.  Here are some simple solutions to your home energy loss problems.... read more

Best Cradle Cap Shampoo Ever!

Shortly after my now 7-month old (Rosemary) was born, I began to notice that awful brown dandruff, cradle cap, on the crown of her head. At first I dilegently rubbed her head with petroleum jelly or olive oil and a soft brush. By about 3 months I noticed the cradle cap was settling in - it wasn't getting any better or worse.  Attending to the matter fell off my priority list - getting the family fed, the clothes washed, and taking an occasional shower were much more important.... read more

DIY Home Energy Audit Checklist

If you’re not ready to hire a professional to conduct an energy audit, but want to learn about your home’s energy efficiency to make changes for the better, you are in the right place.  Below you will find a comprehensive checklist to complete your own free home energy audit.  (Expect it to take you about half a day to complete) Most people find that with this DIY checklist they can make a few small improvements and save big on their energy bill each month.... read more

MBA Students Spread Sustainability Around The Globe - Thailand Solar Project

Contributed by  John Lehnert, Presidio Graduate School MBA graduate, 2011.

Every year, students from Presidio Graduate School's International Club venture abroad to put their sustainability training into action. Some students will pursue careers in international development. One group recently went to Thailand, with help from a Presidio student who is Thai himself. Their journey -- installing solar panels, learning about renewable energy, and teaching others about design thinking -- is described below.

January 2012: On a sunny day in western Thailand, our Presidio Graduate School group joined dozens of schoolchildren on a bare field for a game of soccer. We shared high fives after each goal—a fun conclusion to a day during which we installed a solar panel at a school near the Burmese border.

After 20 hours of flying, our group of 14 (mostly students, with a few alumni and significant others) met in Bangkok and headed north in two vans. Crossing the flat central expanse of rice fields, we reached our first stop, Chiang Mai. We led a workshop for university students and faculty on design thinking: a collaborative process in which teams define a problem, brainstorm solutions, select the best ones and then have fun making prototypes.... read more

Obstacles to Going Green: Survey Results! What prevents you from being more green?

Thanks to all of our readers who participated in our green living survey! 

As a mother of two (and one more on the way!), I know it can sometimes be hard to keep a “green” mind guiding my moment-to-moment decisions.  Sometimes it’s just too inconvenient and time consuming to go back home to get those reusable shopping bags you forgot and it’s easy to fall behind on laundry and reach for disposable diapers. ... read more

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