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UnGreen, UnKeen Celebrities

Celebrities, living in the spotlight, cannot get away with anything without getting caught by the paparazi!  While some famous people use their star power to promote environmental activism (such as Bono, Cameron Diaz, Jack Johnson, and more), others are infamously wasteful.

Lindsay Lohan Ungreen Lindsay Lohan Ungreen

Take (trainwreck) Lindsay Lohan, photographed in April, 2009 throwing a flyer out of the window of a friends car.  Or actress Katherine Heigl, who had to smooth talk her way out of a littering ticket when she threw her cigarette butt on the ground in front of a police officer in 2008.... read more

Documentary "Food, Inc." Analyzes the Sour Side of America's Food Industry

Is it more important to have a never-rotting tomato (kind of like Willy Wonka's Everlasting Gobstoppers), or a tomato rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants? Do we want plump, salty chickens, or those which are rich, flavorful and nutritious? Food, Inc., a documentary now in theaters, examines the highly processed and mechanized food industry in America.

Food Inc.

This film, directed by Rob Kenner, follows the path of food in America as it has become increasingly less nutritious over the past 50 years through the use of genetic modification, pesticides and artificial additives, and factory farming. The film asserts that the USDA and FDA are ineffectively regulating the industries they govern, and that this is contributing to the increase in food born illness, such as E.coli, as well as obesity, malnutrition, and diabetes. The food we eat is manufactured (according to the film's synopsis and website, it is more a manufacturing industry than an agricultural industry in current times), by a small handful of corporations who are more interested in profit than public health. While food is becoming cheaper, and cheaper for the consumer, health care costs are at an all time high (a coincidence?). ... read more

10 Ways to Green Your Vacation

With 4th of July and beautiful summer weather in front of us, we are all busily filling our calendars with summer vacations! Here are a few tips for remaining environmentally-focused while on vacation.

Green Your Vacation

1. Stay Closer to Home: It's always nice to go some place far away and exotic, but a local vacation (within 100 miles) can be equally as fun and can really help to decrease your carbon trail.  All of those museums, amusement parks, and attractions you always say "Ill go there one day" can finally be crossed off your list.

2. Take the time to Find a Green Hotel: This may sound hard, but is really as easy as clicking here and checking out this great data base of eco-friendly hotels... read more

Green Celebs: U2's Bono

If you're looking for an environmental role model, Irish rockstar, Bono (born Paul David Hewson, May 10, 1960), of the band U2 is a good place to start.  Bono is well known for his humanitarianism, and has been called, "the face of fusion philanthropy" for his efforts to draw attention to issues such as global poverty, AIDS, and the environment. "I was taught that if my opinion was informed, then I had the right to express it and not be afraid who else was in the room," Bono said in a 2002 60 Minutes interview.

Green Celeb Bono

Bono's environmental work includes creating clothing line in 2005, EDUN, which works in developing countries to create sustainable business models, provide fair wages, practice good business ethics, without burdening the local environment.  He also participated in a tree planting ceremony in Tokyo Bay, Japan, in 2008, where efforts are being taken to turn a landfill into an 88 hectare forest.    Bono has also been active in the Greenpeace community  since 1993 when his entire band participated in a protest against a nuclear power plant, Sellafield, in England.   And of course, Bono is self-reported avid recycler and drives a car which runs on ethanol instead of gasoline.... read more

Turn Green in the Summer Sun, NOT Red: Top 5 Most Eco-Friendly Sunscreens


Green Summer Fun

Happy Summer!  Summer is finally here (although the current Bay Are weather doesn't reflect that...), and with summer comes increased time spent in the sun and an increased need to make sure to remember the sunscreen.  Using, I have found the 5 most environmentally friendly and 5 worst sunscreens on the market.  Scores are based on product content and other factors associated with manufacturing (such as polution caused by production and shipping).

 ... read more

Turn Off the Water While You Brush

Continuing today with bathroom greening tips, we take a look at our etiquette when brushing our teeth.  Many of us simply leave on the faucet when we clean those pearly whites in the morning and evening.  And I know what most people think; what is the harm?  Well according to the EPA a faucet in an American home uses on average two gallons of water per minute.  If you add up both times you wash your teeth then the you are wasting an estimated 1,460 gallons per year!!  So let's keep this tip simple and say...


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Environmentally Friendly Baby Clothes

At 9 months pregnant, I am in FULL nesting mode.  My husband watched distantly and called me crazy, as I washed every onesie, blanket, and burp cloth last week; pre-sorted, organized, and re-sorted; and folded and unfolded.  I am so grateful to all of the friends and family who bought clothes for my daughter - but I can't help but browse for more!  Baby clothes are just so... BABY!

Of course, the most green way to keep baby in cute duds, is by borrowing or buying consignment.  Just google baby and consignment in your state, and you should be able to find at least a couple near you (my favorite local shop is "They Grow So Fast" in Lafayette, California).  Also, garage sales, and flea markets are a good way to go.  (As with any children's clothes, it's always a good idea to wash well before puting them on baby's sensitive skin).... read more

Green Celebs: Cameron Diaz

Thirty-seven year-old Cameron Diaz is the epitome of the green movement, at least according to new Vogue magazine article. While you may not see her face on ad campaigns across the country promoting recycling or reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, this "it" girl leads through example.  Cam drives a Prius, buys carbon off-sets, and is an avid promoter of recycling.  And unlike many celebs, Cameron reports that she takes into account how her purchases impact the environment (no fur coats for Cameron!).... read more

Green Celebs: Big Name Musicians Switch to BioDiesel Tour Buses

(Musicians KT Tunstall and Jack Johnson both use Biodiesel tour buses)

Celebrities are known for their jet-setting lifestyle. Fun and exciting – YES. Good for the environment – NO. Musicians in particular spend much of their time on the road touring the country, and many are becoming much more aware of their environmental impact.

Biodiesel is diesel fuel made from left-over vegetable or animal oil, often the big vat of oil left over after McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants cook their french fries. Biodiesel can reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%. Better yet, any diesel engine car, truck, or bus can be converted into a Biodiesel vehicle with a kit that starts at about $1,000 (which is pennies for the likes of Neil Young and Eddie Vedder). ... read more

100% Recycled Hair Accessories

I was super excited when I went to replace on old, broken hair clip recently. I have a favorite product, Scunci claw clips, which I have been using for many years now. And to my surprise, they now make 100% recycled version of my product (and, the recycled version was about one third of the cost of similar non-recycled products) – whoopie!

... read more

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