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Concrete EATS Greenhouse Gas Emissions?!?

Concrete production is thought to produce about 5% of climate changing greenhouse gas emissions. However, new science indicates that while producing concrete negatively impacts the environment, once produced, concrete actually absorbs carbon dioxide emissions. Last week on National Public Radio’s Science Friday show, researchers discussed how we could possibly use concrete in our efforts to clean up the environment. The benefits of concrete still do not outweigh the costs, but concrete still may prove to be a wiser choice than other materials, and we can find ways to use existing concrete instead of increasing production. Listen to the full discussion here.

The Psychology of Green: Are We Doomed to Destroy the Planet?

For some reason, people just don't seem as concerned with making GREEN policy and lifestyle changes as you would expect.  But why? And are we doomed to destroy our planet? Every April, NY Times Magazine puts out an issue devoted solely to Green issues.  In the most recent issue, there was an interesting article about the psychology of green decision making.  In short, Americans listed climate change as a low priority (number 20) when asked to prioritize political issues in a recent Pew Research poll.  That was far below issues such as the economy, Afghanistan, and the auto industry.  ... read more

10 Baby Steps to Change

In response to my recent blog post on reducing toilet paper use, I received a comment from someone promoting the use of bidets instead of toilet paper all together. For those of you who are not familiar with a bidet, this is an attachment to the toilet which cleans your bottom using a pressurized stream of water. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the use of bidets to reduce paper consumption – just not for me. Part of what I was getting at in my post was that if everyone makes a conscious commitment to small changes in daily habits, we can make a big impact on the environment. While I support the commenter’s choice to make the switch to the bidet, that is just too radical of a change which I am not yet willing to make.

... read more

Pamela Anderson to Launch Enviro-Friendly Clothing Line



The Associated Press recently reported that supermodel Pamela Anderson is set to launch an eco-conscious clothing line along with Richie Rich, due out in the late summer/ early fall of 2009.The model has been recognized in the community for many years now as an animal rights activist and is a strict vegetarian.She has received multiple awards for her activism, including the Linda McCartney Memorial Award for animal rights protectors in 1999 for her work against the use of fur in the fashion industry.Pam turned many heads when she led a campaign for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in 2003, in which she posed naked in advertisements against the use of fur.... read more

President Obama Announces New, Stricter Auto Emission Standards

On Tuesday, President Obama announced new auto emission standards to take effect by 2016. These standards would create uniform national regulations to replace standards which currently vary state-by-state. Specifically, auto makers will be required to increase fuel efficiency to 35.5 miles per gallon and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1/3. The plan still has to pass through standard procedures at the EPA and the Transportation Department before being finalized. ... read more

Greensoul Ethical Shoes



They always say that nothing boosts innovation and entrepreneurship quite like a down economy. NPR news reported this morning on 2 wall street bankers who were laid off from Bear Stearns and J.P. Morgan Chase last year. Instead of cycling back into the world of banking, these friends decided to take action by creating an eco-friendly business. ... read more

10 Ways to Teach Your Kids to be Green

Sometimes it seems to me that kids are more involved in keeping our planet clean than we are. That being said, there is always room for growth. Here are a few ideas for ways to help your child be more environmental aware:

10 Ways to Teach Your Kids to be Green

1. Toy Swaps: We all know how quickly kids outgrow their toys. In order to reduce waste (and save a little $$ in the process) organize periodic toy swaps. Have all of your parent friends bring toys their children have outgrown and swap out for new, more age appropriate toys. If you can’t do a toy swap, find a consignment toy shop in your area. No need to keep producing new toys when there are so many already out there! As we know, kids learn from the examples we set.

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Take the Toilet Paper Challenge: “Can You Spare a Square?”

Take the Toilet Paper Challenge: “Can You Spare a Square?”

In the 1990’s sitcom, Seinfeld, character Elaine Benes asks this question to her neighbor in a public restroom, and is outraged when her neighbor refuses to share. I was similarly stunned when I recently learned that in the year 2008, the US consumed approximately 7,170,261,504 rolls of toilet paper! That’s approximately 7,026,856 trees used to manufacture toilet paper alone and is significantly more than any other country in the world. Further more, Americans are demanding the crème-de-la-crème, softer-than-soft varieties which cannot be made from recycled paper. The negative impact this is having on our environment is clear, and for this reason, I beg of you, Can you spare a square??... read more

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