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Presidio Graduate School Sustainable MBA Faculty Interview: Audrey Davenport

Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco, CA is home to one of the best MBA programs in Sustainability. We are excited to have our first guest blog post from Stephen Boni at PGS, an interview with Prof. Audrey Davenport. ... read more

Presidio Graduate School Masters in Public Administration: My MPA visit

Presidio MPA review

A few years back I wrote an article about the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA/MPA program.  I was recently invited to spend a day at Presidio (located in San Francisco, CA) to learn more about the university, students, faculty, and curriculum.  As mentioned in my first article, Presidio tops most lists of “Green” or “Sustainable” Graduate programs, and I was honored to sit in on the Masters in Public Administration (MPA) Integrative Capstone class two weeks ago.... read more

"Green Living: How Important is It to You?" Survey

  How important is green in your life?  Keen For Green is conducting a poll to learn about people's green habits and what is important to you. Click here to take our brief survey!

The Debate Over California's Solar Energy Policy

California Solar Policy

In July, California Governor Jerry Brown, announced a plan to increase the state's renewable energy to a 12-gigawatt by 2020, by relying on “tens of thousands of little decisions” by residents and business owners. Brown cited the cost of routing large-scale energy farms in remote areas as a reason for focusing on smaller projects. He also cited the delays in previous large-scale desert projects due to litigation over natural resources, native animals, and Native American sites.

However, a recent article from points out several concerns with this plan, based on simple cost-benefit analysis:

-Individuals (such as homeowners and small businesses) do not make decisions based on what is “socially optimal”... read more

Cleantech Funding Drops 44% from 2010 to 2011

cleantech venture capital

Like there hasn't been enough bad economic news in the past few weeks? According to a recent Reuters article and study published by Ernst & Young, investment in clean tech/ green tech companies dropped 44% (when comparing the second quarter of 2010 and the second quarter of 2011). This may be in part due to the increased attention on internet IPO's, such as LinkedIn and Zillow.  Still the cleantech field is receiving more financial attention than most: from April to July of this year, cleantech companies saw $1.1 billion in investment funds. ... read more

Walnut Creek, California Retirement Community Residents Go Solar!

Community Solar 

A 4-plex of residents in a Walnut Creek, CA retirement community decide to go solar. The result is a small solar community, with other residents watching on and catching the “solar bug.” - “It's a win-win situation.”

Solar Communities” are beginning to pop up around the country – especially in states such as California and New Jersey where financial incentives are strong. A solar community is a block of residents joined together to install solar panels – often receiving the same bulk discounts you might get on a 42-pack of socks at Costco.

Tim O. of Walnut Creek, California recently did just that in his retirement community. Rossmoor is a large retirement community which houses single-family homes, duplexes, four-plexes, and condo apartments for those 55+.... read more

Boycott Taco Bell & KFC: Demand an End to Deforestation in Indonesia

Taco Bell Rainforest

Environmental organizations such as Greenpeace recently began to put pressure on YUM!Brands, parent company of many large fast food restaurants, due to the immense damage they are doing to tropical rainforests. YUM! Owns chains including Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, A&W and Long John Silvers and has over 38,000 locations across the globe.... read more

San Francisco Promotes Financial Incentives for Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

The San Francisco Department of the Environment (SF Environment) is partnering with the city Assessor-Recorder's office and Energy Upgrade California to launch the SF Home Improvement & Performance (SFHIP) incentive program. The goal of the program is to increase the affordability of "green" home improvements for San Franciscans. San Francisco is one of the only cities in California that provides governmental incentives in addition to state and federal incentives for going solar.

... read more

Green Beauty Tips: How to Choose Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Green beauty products

Today there are more “green” beauty products on the market than ever before – which is great! It gives us a variety of choices (where there used to be few) while sticking to our environmental guns. But not all green beauty products are created equal. Even if the label says “natural,” “eco-friendly” or even “organic,” there are still a few things you should look for. Here's my quick guide for choosing environmentally friendly beauty products:

- Read the labels!! If you don't know what something is or can't pronounce it, it probably isn't very good for you or the environment.... read more

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