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How to Sell Your Excess Renewable Power Back to the Power Company

Thanks to developments in the energy industry, it has become possible for households to generate their own energy from renewable sources. Such methods most commonly include using solar powered panels, but can also include the use of a wind turbine in exceptional cases. If your household does not use all of the energy you produce from your renewable source, you can sell the excess back to the energy company that supplies you. In order to do this, you must have certain terms in place with them. These terms will vary according to the company you have a retail energy agreement with, as well as the area of Texas you live in. 

Selling Distributed Renewable Generation (DRG) Energy 

DRG has risen in popularity across Texas in recent years. DRG is natural resource reliant energy; this means it appeals to those who love to be sustainable, as well as those attracted by saving money in the long-term. The amount of energy you will use will depend on your household activities, and you may find that there are some months when you produce more than you use. ... read more

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