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A while back Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick reinstated the Incinerator Moratorium. The Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has had in place a moratorium on new municipal solid waste combustion facilities since 1990 ( Incinerators that produce energy are also known as waste to energy facilities (WTE). These facilities burn solid waste (garbage, trash, etc.) and produce energy from the incineration of trash. Many hope this moratorium will increase and expand recycling efforts.

In a perfect world we wouldn’t need incinerators or landfills. The Governor is pushing towards a zero waste society. No society like this currently exists.

Trash still exists even without new incinerators being built. The trash is instead many times being trucked out of state to landfills. This is far from environmentally friendly. Large trucks hauling trash far distances create a large amount of emissions from the diesel trucks exhaust.

Incinerators automatically get a bad rap from people. They're not as evil as most people think. Modern incinerators create energy and power themselves. Most modern incinerators create enough energy to put back into the grid. In Pittsfield, MA a waste to energy facility powers itself and helps power a paper making facility down the street from it.... read more

Political Waste

During the most recent election I was reminded of the colossal waste that occurs from politicians running for office. Everything from flyers to lawn signs end up as trash. Think of how many times you were handed a flyer or found one stuck to your car during not only the most recent election, but past elections as well.

Both sides are at fault for this, even independents and third party candidates contribute to this problem. Even the “Pro Environment” Democrats are to blame just as much as the Republicans.... read more


            Eco-Terrorism, Green Terrorism and Environmental Terrorist are terms that are starting to be thrown around more. But does Eco-Terrorism really exist? If it does exist is it a real concern? Many people feel threatened by environmentalism and activism. Many think environmental activism is the same as terrorism. While there are some extremists, activism is not terrorism. Eco-Terrorism may just be a new media catch phrase to liven up the news.

            I’ve met people before who seem to not understand or have some sort of grudge against environmentalism and activism. I had a man tell me once that he thought environmentalism is “a new terrorist religion.” I had no idea I was part of a new religion or a terrorist group. That idea still doesn’t really make much sense to me.... read more

Bottled Water can give you cancer?

Is bottled water any better than the water flowing from your tap at home? Most people assume if you’re paying money for something in a plastic bottle then it’s of superior quality compared to something that’s piped into your home for a lot less money. This isn’t always true. Many times the bottle being labeled as “spring” water is really just filtered or unfiltered tap water. According to the NRDC there isn’t much of a difference in quality either. Our conclusion is that there is no assurance that just because water comes out of a bottle it is any cleaner or safer than water from the tap.... read more

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