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Walking the talk: How to demonstrate green credentials

green credentialsResearch over the last few years has uncovered something of paradox – people want to buy ‘green’, yet are increasingly distrustful of businesses, so are sceptical of associated marketing messages. In this article, Rob Fenn at the British Assessment Bureau shows how businesses can demonstrate how they can walk the talk with a little help from an internationally recognised framework. 

The challenge 

A 2009 Edelman study covering more than 20 countries showed that only 13% of respondents trusted advertising, whilst a mere 21% trusted what they saw on websites. In the same year, the Cone Environmental Survey found that, despite the weak economy, attitudes toward environmentally responsible products remain strong. Later in 2012, Edelman conducted their own ‘Good Purpose’ study which read well for ethical businesses - 73% said they would switch brands if a different brand of similar quality supported a good cause. ... read more

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