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Being Greener Can Help Your Business's Reputation

Word of mouth is often the best method of advertising, and it depends solely on your business's reputation in your local community. If you're unsure of how your business is perceived, or want to improve your reputation with your customers and neighbors, consider sponsoring or instituting one or more green programs. 

Being greener is a great way to improve your reputation, and can help your business in the following ways: 

Green Initiatives Increase Employee Satisfaction 

Business owners know that often, their employees are their greatest asset. If employees are satisfied, they do their jobs well, they're more productive, and employee turnover is limited. 

Green initiatives can increase employee's pride in their workplace, leading them to speak well about their company. Recycling programs, workplace beautification programs, and implementation of employees' green ideas all show that the company is listening to employees and is interested in what they have to say. ... read more

Road Trips vs. Flying: Which One is Greener?

Choosing paper or plastic at the grocery store or opting to bring our own reusable bags, taking the plastic cup offered at the coffee shop or bringing our own with us, or deciding whether to fly or drive on our next business trip or family outing — life is full of everyday decisions that can have quite the environmental impact. It's important that we take the time to evaluate these choices carefully, then make the one that works well for our needs, as well as for the environment.

Flying is often faster than driving, allowing us to get from Point A to Point B much more quickly. When an important business deadline (or Aunt Norma's Christmas ham) is at stake, it seems like it's a no-brainer to just go ahead and book the flight.

But how do driving and flying impact the environment? If we plan out our trip a little more carefully, can we make a greener decision that will get us to our destination and also benefit the planet? Let's take a look at the facts about road trips versus flying so we can learn which the better option is for our individual circumstances.... read more

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