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Top 5 2013 Hybrid Automobiles: Save Money While Being Green!

2013 hybrid carsHybrid vehicles combine the best of both worlds, providing drivers with extended driving range while reducing their environmental impact. Fuel efficiency isn’t the only criteria when making a purchase decision, although it is significant. Practical considerations such as affordability and travel range need to be taken into account. 

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid


This fun-to-drive hybrid is a sturdy alternative to the traditional SUV. While there is lots of room for passengers, it comes up short on cargo space. However, it does boast an impressively powerful electric-gas system that gets 47 mpg, whether you’re driving in the city or out on the highway.

Along with impressive gas mileage, this vehicle offers quick acceleration, responsive handling, and a smooth ride. The interior is quite sophisticated, and although the base model offers many standard features, there are many options available. MSRP from $25,200.... read more

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