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Thinking and READING Green!

Jeanine, Tyler and TristinJeanine, Tyler and Tristin

Tristin and Tyler LOVE books. Big books, small books, superhero books, fairytale books, you name it, they love it! Their first, and now favorite, green/eco book is called THINK GREEN! by Jeanine Behr Getz. Jeanine self-published the book via her company Kids Think Big. In this episode of Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City! the boys learn that they too can impact the earth, even though they are little guys!... read more

Getting Knowledge is Green!

Faye Rogaski, Tyler and TrisitnFaye Rogaski, Tyler and Trisitn

Sometimes going green is about NOT accumulating more stuff that would end up in a landfill! How about experiencing something, or learning something new?

Well, that's what Tristin and Tyler did in this episode of Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City! which you can check out below. In this episode, the boys head to socialsklz, a company dedicated to teaching kids the "tools to thrive in the modern world."  The boys learned everything from how to properly shake hands to proper phone and table manners.


Faye Rogaski, the founder of socialsklz, and her team did an amazing job of teaching the kids social skills in a way which allowed them to retain it.  It has been a while since they attended the course and they still know how to shake hands and introduce themselves properly. How cool is that? 

Faye and the boys!Faye and the boys!

Check out the episode, and make sure to play the memory game and see how many social skills tips and tricks you can remember!

What do you think about using experiences and education as a way to help the environment?... read more

From Bottles to Backpacks!

Askok and TristinAskok and TristinTristin and Tyler have met some amazing upcyclers and recyclers while going on their fun NYC adventures, and meeting Ashok Kamal of the company Bennu was no exception! In the next episode of "Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City!" the boys meet one of the owners of a cool NYC company taking huge strides in the fight for green! 

... read more

Umbrellas into Dresses? OH MY!

Catherine, Tristin & TylerCatherine, Tristin & TylerCould you turn a broken umbrella into something fabulous? I absolutely, positively cannot but Tristin and Tyler met someone who TOTALLY CAN! ... read more

In the next episode of "Tristin & Tyler's Tales from the City!" you will meet Catherine, owner of Himane.  She takes used umbrellas from the streets of New York and works magic on them to create fabulous dresses, purses and tons of other accessories.  She also finds fabrics that have been (or are about to be) discarded from factories for her designs.  She is truly an upcycling/recycling queen and we were so glad to learn a thing or two from her.

Trash Cans Are Fun! We Mean It!

You can pretty much upcycle anything, ya know! Especially when you have kids doing the upcycling!  Ever thought of upcycling a trash can?  Well Tristin and Tyler have and they did it with cool crafters from BROOKLYN CRAFT FARM

Tristin and Tyler with their projects!Tristin and Tyler with their projects!... read more

How can you turn a boring, grey trash can into something fun and useful?  Well, my friends, tune in to the next episode of Tristin and Tyler's tales from the City! with the little ones and find out!  It's fun project, super easy, of all, it can help keep the kids organized!

Tristin, Tyler and Dynamic Ducks!

Since World Oceans Day is coming up on June 8th, Tristin and Tyler take a trip to visit some friends who live in the water in this episode of Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City! Caring for the ocean and all of the creatures that call the ocean home is super important.  With the Pacific Garbage Patch growing and growing, it's so important to teach kids about our friends who call the ocean home.

Tristin and Tyler Enjoying The Ducks!Tristin and Tyler Enjoying The Ducks!... read more

Tristin and Tyler UPCYCLE!

Tiffany, Tristin and TylerTiffany, Tristin and Tyler

In this episode of Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City! the boys meet Tiffany Threadgould of Replayground! Tiffany upcycles trash into all sorts of cool items! In this episode, be sure to catch Tiffany's headband made from a plastic bag, or her belt made from soda can tops.... read more

Upcycling is so fun! For those of you who don't know what upcycling is, it's the process of repurposing trash or other items that may be thrown away, and turning it into something that will have a greater or brand new purpose! If you turn a blanket into curtains, that's upcycling too, it doesn't have to be trash that's being repurposed.  Upcycling is a great process because it keeps trash out of the landfils and gives it a new life!

Tristin and Tyler's GREEN TOONZ!

YAY! It's EARTH WEEK and almost EARTH DAY!

Tristin and Tyler: Earth Lovers!: Tristin and TylerTristin and Tyler: Earth Lovers!: Tristin and Tyler

In honor of our fabulous Earth, me and my twin brother have gotten animated! YUP! Animated!  JC Little of Little Animation turned us into little animated EARTH HUGGERS for Earth Day!

Please check out our first ever animated short about UPCYCLING!  It's really fun because it invites kids to use their imagination when upcycling or reusing materials! Truly, anything is possible, especially when your goal is saving the EARTH!


Tristin and Tyler

Tristin and Tyler Donate Denim! Yup, your kiddies can too!

Editor's Note:  We're pleased to present the first Tristin and Tyler post on Keen for Green.  We're lucky to have them -- and stay tuned for more Tristin and Tyler!  -- Krissy


We are sooooo excited to join the KEEN FOR GREEN family and share fun-filled, super GREEN episodes of our series "Tristin & Tyler's Tales from the City!" with you!

We love to meet people all over New York City who are doing their part to help this BIG world of ours stay green and clean! Trying to go GREEN with kiddies isn't easy, so we take adventures around the city to show kids and their caregivers ways they can help the environment too!  We also show people going green in ways that you'd never think possible! So sit back, watch an episode and then go out and do the same activity with your favorite kiddies!... read more

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