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Worm Composting Dos and Don'ts

Keep it small. Keep it green. Keep it brown. And, keep it moist. If you want to maximize your composting results, there are clear do's and don'ts.

Many gardeners focus on a pile of garden and kitchen leftovers, layers of decomposing materials that form a nutritional soil amendment for the rest of the garden. But, composting with the help of hungry and efficient worms creates a nutrient-rich natural supplement your soil. 
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Putting Parking Structures to Work With Solar Panels

Solar PanelsThe concept of solar parking structures is so sensible that it's bound to become a widespread phenomenon. At this point solar technology is rapidly improving and becoming integrated in our society quickly. Many companies throughout the US have implemented solar panels in one way or another. These solar panels are most commonly placed on the roofs of buildings, making use of space that is already regularly exposed to sunlight.

In sunny states such as Arizona where covered parking is a necessity, a new trend is catching on. Although it can be quite the investment, many companies and even some schools believe solar power is worth it and have installed panels on their covered parking spaces as well.

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