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Green Tones Eco-Friendly Wooden Musical Instruments

Review Summary
Amazing toys for kids of all ages. High quality and FUN!
Sustainable product and sustainable packaging
Expensive but will last a really long time!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

greentones toy instruments

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

These instruments are amazing!!  They are great for toddlers, prescholers, and elementary school aged kids.  They're durable wood, and they have a nice sound - not annoying sounds like cheap toy instruments.  

Plus, they're adorable looking!  Look at those bears. So cute!

They're definitely eco-friendly, too!  All Green Tones instruments are made with chemical free Rubberwood or Mangowood, non-toxic glue, and water-based VOC free paint.  They're good for the environment and safe for kids!

Additionally, Green Tones is a member of One Percent for the Planet!  ... read more

Litter-Free Lunch Kit

Review Summary
All you need for a waste-free lunch
Reduces waste with reusable containers
Good deal, especially because it comes with 4 food containers and a beverage bottle

My family loves the Litter Free Lunch Kit by New Wave Enviro Products.  For just over  twenty dollars, you get an insulated lunch box, a beverage container, two small snack containers, one medium-sized container, and a larger container which is good for sandwiches, small salads, etc.    It's great for packing a school lunch for kids, a work lunch for adults, or just a picnic for an afternoon at the park!   The bottle can also be filled with ice and used as an ice pack.  ... read more

Green Kid Crafts

Review Summary
Monthly craft boxes delivered right to you!
Sustainable craft materials
$19.95 for a box of at least 3 crafts with most of the materials

I'm really excited to be reviewing a craft box from Green Kid Crafts!  And, I'm even more excited to let everyone know that next week we'll be doing an awesome giveaway where one lucky reader will win a craft box!  Yay!  (Stay tuned for that!)... read more


Review Summary
Really cute insulated lunch box
Helps create a waste-free lunch
Only $20 for lunch box, beverage container, and four food containers

lunchopolisThe Lunchopolis, by New Wave Enviro Products, is awesome.   For only twenty bucks, you get an insulated lunch box, a beverage container, two small snack containers, and two larger containers which are good for sandwiches and whatnot.  

While not as green as stainless steel food containers, they are BPA-free and reusable.  They're also a lot cheaper than stainless steel options.  They're sturdier than most inexpensive plastic containers and without a BPA plasticky smell.... read more

Kids Konserve Snak Pak

Review Summary
Reusable snack bag and containers.
BPA and Phthalate free!
It's a little expensive, but very cool.

This is a very cool little snack bag, made by Kids Konserve.  Perfect for a small lunch, snack, or picnic, it produces a waste-free lunch.  Forget the Ziplocs, brown bags, and paper's time to "konserve!" :-)

The Snak Pak contains: a cotton drawstring bag, cotton napkin, a round leak-proof stainless steel container, and the reusable food wrap, dubbed "the food kozy."  

I find it very useful for going places with my toddler.  Everything can fit neatly in the bag and it doesn't create any garbage.   I don't know why I never thought of bringing a cloth napkin on the go!  I also throw in a few Lucky Butterfly reusable snack bags filled with cereal and other small snacks to keep some extra food handy. ... read more

green startâ„¢ children's books: "Little Helpers"

Review Summary
Adorable, durable kids books with cute illustrations
Made of 98% recycled materials, a "green" message, environmentally themed activities at the end
A little more expensive than similarly sized books, but worth it

When I saw these books at the toy store, I couldn't resist buying one.  First off, they're made of 98% recycled materials.  They're also more durable than most kids books.  Not as durable as a traditional board book, but far more durable than a regular paper book.  I can actually read this to my 9 month old without worrying that within the blink of an eye he'll destroy the pages.

... read more

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