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TreeSmart Pencils

Review Summary
Really great pencils!
Made from recycled newspaper
Reasonable prices

eco-friendly pencils from treesmart

With back-to-school time here, replenish your pencil (and colored pencil) supply with eco-friendly pencils made from recycled newspapers!

These reasonably priced pencils look and feel like the "regular" pencils you've used for years, but they're green as can be!... read more

Zuke's G-Zees Cat Treats Review

Review Summary
My cat loves them!
Zuke's is a pet treat company devoted to the environment
Comparable to other pet treats.

As you can see from the photo, my cat loves to chow down on Zuke's G-Zees cat treats.   No matter where he is in the house, if I start shaking that bag of treats, he comes running over immediately!   

These cat treats are grain-free, contain glucosamine for joint support, and cranberry for urinary tract health.  All of Zuke's treats are produced in the United States.

Not only are the treats great, but Zuke's is a truly green company.  Their employees are paid to leave their cars at home and ride their bikes or scooters to work..   The offices are powered with 100% green electricity, using LED lightbulbs in their main office, and using 100% recycled paper products.... read more

Litter Free Lunch by New Wave Enviro

Review Summary
Great Products
Eco-friendly resuable products
Expensive, but overall worthwhile for many

I'm very excited to be reviewing the Litter Free Lunch products from New Wave Enviro.  

I'm a big proponent of the waste-free lunch.  Whenever possible, it's important to avoid anything that's single use - Ziplocs, snack baggies, brown paper bags, juice boxes, soda cans, water get the picture.  This Litter Free Lunch kit can help.  Here's what it comes with:... read more

World's Best Cat Litter

Review Summary
Keeps odors to a minimum
Perfume-free, all natural
A little outside of my budget at over $15 for a 17 lb. bag

world's best cat litterworld's best cat litterIf you have cats, you've probably seen the World's Best Cat Litter for sale on Amazon and pet chains like Petco and Petsmart.  You might be thinking "wow, that's quite a claim!"  But, I've gotta say, it's darn good cat litter.

Most notably, it's made of whole corn kernels.  No gross synthetic perfumey scent, no puff of powder when you're pouring it into the box.  It's just good old fashioned corn grown on American farms.  And because it's made of corn, it's safe for animals, unlike many types of clay litters.... read more

Insulated Water Bottle by New Wave Enviro

Review Summary
Keeps drinks warm for HOURS
Stainless steel bottle
It's a bit expensive, but it insulates for hours.

The Double Wall Hot/ Cold Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle from New Wave Enviro is AWESOME.  Seriously.  

I am a stickler for temperatures when it comes to my beverages.  I like hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.  This bottle keeps drinks the proper temperature for hours. I can brew tea in there at 2 PM and it's still hot at 4...not just warm, but actually HOT.  It's amazing.  I'll be carrying this thing with me all winter long, since in the cooler months I chug tea like there's no tomorrow!

And as for iced drinks?  It keeps them ice cold for hours.  We left iced coffee in the car all afternoon (in August!) and there were still ice cubes in it when we returned.  Amazing.... read more

Chipkos Sandals

Review Summary
Comfy flip-flops, but they took some breaking in
Totally eco-friendly!
A great price for eco-friendly footwear

I'm a big fan of Chipkos and their awesome, eco-friendly sandals.   Chipkos Footwear is an eco-friendly footwear company that protects one hundred square feet of the rain forest per product purchased. Chipkos is most well known for their Chipkos Original Sandals available for men and women.

I first came across Chipkos back in April and I was immediately drawn to the unique look of their sandals, the green materials that they use, and their dedication to saving the rainforest.  Now, I am excited to finally being reviewing the sandals!... read more

Best Dog Poop Bags: Biodegradable Pet Waste Bags from BioBag Make the Job Easy and Earth-Friendly

Review Summary
These Dog Waste Bags make clean up super easy and are a sanitary on-the-go option.
The bags are 100% biodegradable, BPI Certified, and meet ASTM Specifications (read: They are very green)
They are pretty much exactly the same price as non-biodegradable competitors.

Dog Poop Bag Review biodegradable

Few things irritate me more than seeing a dog owner look the other way when their pooch does his business. As a responsible Golden Retriever owner, I believe it is my duty to respect my neighbors by picking up the poop. And believe me, my 80 pound dog's business is not small...... read more

Fair Trade T-Shirt Review: Green 3 USA-Made Tee

Review Summary
A cute, soft shirt that washes very well.
It's made 100% in the USA.
At $34.95, it is a bit more than what you might get at your local megastore. But it washes well and will last a long time.

Fair Trade T-Shirt is a clothing and gift store dedicated to organic and fair trade production.  They carry several products from their own brand, as well as others, such as this Green3 Apparel super-soft T-shirt. ... read more

Compost Bag Review: BioBag 3-gallon Kitchen Food Waste Bag

Review Summary
This product makes kitchen composting so much easier!!
100% compostable, 100% biodegradable
A little bit pricey, but worth it

Compost Bag REview

I always have trouble sticking with daily composting.  Despite my Monday morning vow to compost diligently through the week, by Wednesday morning the kitchen bin is full, and between the kids, dogs, laundry, and the who-knows-what-that-sticky-stuff-all-over-the-floor-is, the food scraps go directly into the trash can for the remainder of the week.... read more

Vapur Reusable Water Bottle

Review Summary
A foldable. reusable water bottle
BPA-free, no need for one-use water bottles
Retails for about $9.99, so cheaper than many reusable water bottles

The Vapur water bottle is seriously the COOLEST thing I've ever reviewed.  Here's the nitty gritty....

It's basically a bag that works as a water bottle.  When you're done, no lugging around an empty water bottle.  Just fold it up and put it in your pocket or purse.  Genius!  

You can put it on the top rack of your dishwasher and it is BPA-free.

One of my favorite things about the Vapur?  You can freeze it.  This is perfect for picnics and the like,  because it works like an ice pack and then you can drink the contents.   ... read more

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