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Smart Deodorant - Natural deodorant that actually works!

Review Summary
Organic deodorant that works better than most!
Organic and comes in a glass jar.
Cheaper than most traditional deodorants.

I have tried so many types of natural deodorant.   Usually they'd wear off a few hours later.  I came to the conclusion that natural deodorants were simply no match for my BO, and I'd go off to CVS to buy Secret Clinical Strength.  

I was hopeful (albeit skeptical due to my track record) that Smart Deodorant would be different.

When I received the deodorant in the mail, I immediately noticed that it was not like other natural deodorants.  Instead of it coming in a difficult-to-recycle plastic applicator, it comes in recycled baby food jars.  I thought this was genius.  ... read more

Broody Chick Every Body Lotion

Review Summary
REALLY effective lotion
No SLS, full ingredient lists are are available
Great lotion, but SO expensive...

broody chick lotion

I've been using Broody Chick's Every Body Lotion here and there, and I liked it.  It made my hands feel nice and it smells good, too.  It has a very natural, pleasant scent.   It also is SLS-free and discloses all of its ingredients.  

I didn't realize quite how good this lotion was until the other day, however.  My 15-month old son had some very dry patches on his legs.  I generously slathered this lotion on his legs before bed and by the following morning the dry patches were completely gone.   It was like a miracle lotion.  ... read more

California Baby Calming Aromatherapy Bubble Bath

Review Summary
Great bubble bath -- comes with a bubble wand for even more fun!
Sustainable and organic ingredients, no SLS, no synthetic oils
EXPENSIVE! You need a lot of bubble bath to make lots of bubbles, so you might go through it quickly.

california baby  bubble bath

My one-year old got this bubble bath for Christmas, and we were so psyched to use it.  It smells great, makes great bubbles, doesn't have synthetic fragrances, contains organic and sustainable ingredients, and it even comes with a bubble wand!

My son had a blast in the tub with these bubbles!  He didn't want to get out!  He loved when my husband blew the bubbles, too.  (What a neat idea having the bubble wand!)

... read more

Broody Chick WonderBalm

Review Summary
An excellent green alternative to Vaseline
Chemical-free, petroleum jelly free
A bit expensive but a little goes a long way!

First came the cold.  Sniffs and Snuffles, Broody Chick's all natural answer to Vicks Vaporub to the rescue!  Later, that icky under-the-nostril rash followed.   The rash along with the typical wintry chapped lips I always get made me try out this WonderBalm.

It's basically an alternative to petroleum jelly.  I used it under my nose and on my chapped lips and it worked just as well as Vaseline.  I think it will also be great for my one year old in case his skin gets chapped this winter.... read more

Broody Chick Sniffs & Snuffles

Review Summary
A green alternative to Vicks Vaporub
All natural ingredients such as eucalyptus and beeswax
Not much more expensive than Vicks

Broody Chick's Sniffs and Snuffles is Mother Nature's answer to Vicks Vaporub.  I admit -- as toxic as it is, I was a Vicks Vaporub junkie.  Whenever I had a cold, I'd be slathering that stuff on like there was no tomorrow.  However, after trying Sniffs and Snuffles, I think I might just be a convert.  

Over the last week, our house has been a sniffly, sneezy, mucousy, gross MESS.  I'm sick, my 13 month-old is sick, and my husband is sick.  The best part about Sniffs and Snuffles is that I can use it on the kiddo.  ... read more

Nature's Gate Shampoos & Conditioners

Review Summary
Great shampoo that smells good, too!
The organic varieties are certified organic with ingredients grown from a family-run farm
Rather expensive, but most organic body products are

We used to use Nature's Gate shampoos and conditioners growing up.  We'd go to the tiny neighborhood natural grocery store in my New Jersey hometown to get it, and on the way out we'd get a small mint-chocolate square that came with a trading card of an endangered animal.  I think they were called Environmints, and I'm not sure they exist anymore.  I kind of miss the days of the small natural grocery stores in the days before Whole Foods...but, that's a tangent and I digress.

My favorite shampoo was always the Herbal one.   It's not organic and it does contain some less-than-green ingredients, but it's certainly better than most of the typical shampoos and conditioners.  I love the smell of the Herbal shampoo, especially on a cold day.   The non-organic products are cruelty-free and vegan.  

Now, there are a variety of organic shampoos, conditioners, and lotions also available from Nature's Gate.  Their certified organic and locally grown ingredients come from a family owned organic farm in California on land dedicated to growing Nature’s Gate botanical essences.  The farm's water source comes from the winter rains and snow of the Sierra Nevadas.... read more

SPAritual Vegan Nail Polish

Review Summary
Nice color and it feels, looks, essentially acts like regular nail-polish, but it goes on a little thick...
It's vegan! Also it's DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene free!
It's pricier than your conventional Wetn'Wild but on par with other high end nail polish companies like OPI.

I really like this nail polish. The color, The Giving Tree, is amazing -- and they have tons, both bright reds and pinks as well as earthier tones. It's been on for a day now and I have not gotten any chips. I put on two coats like the directions suggest and it looks great and even better, my nails feel stronger!

... read more

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Soap - Geranium

Review Summary
Effective hand soap with a pleasant scent!
Biodegradable, cruelty-free, and the scents come from essential oils
Comparable to other similar soaps

Love to wash my hands with this stuff!  

As soon as I smelled this, I put the other liquid soap we had in the downstairs bathroom in the cabinet.  It has a light, floral scent, and it's not at all over-powering or artificial smelling.  My husband, on the other hand, thinks it has an "old lady" smell to it.  Bummer for him, because I buy the soap in this house!  Call me an old lady, but I think it smells quite pleasant.... read more

Global Balance Lemongrass/Lavender/Ylang Ylang Moisturizing Liquid Soap

Review Summary
Soap smells so good that I want to eat it!
Hasn't been tested on animals, and the ingredients are biodegradable
Less expensive than many of the other soaps sold at Whole Foods

I love Global Balance soap and the lemongrass/lavender is my favorite.  I bought it at Whole Foods and it is actually made

 in my city, Newton, Massachusetts.   I love that I'm supporting a local company making natural alternatives to traditional products.  But above all, this stuff smells AMAZING!  I currently use it as hand soap in the bathroom, but I think I might start using it as body soap in the shower.  ... read more

Trader Joe's Natural Antiplaque Toothpaste

Review Summary
Keeps teeth feeling clean all day
No fluoride, saccharin, etc.
Good price

I really love this toothpaste, it keeps my teeth clean and feeling fresh all day. The fennel flavor has a great taste and gives you a natural clean feeling rather than an artificial clean that comes from brands like Crest or Aquafresh. There is no animal testing which is great! It's similar to Tom's natural toothpastes, which I used to use, but I like this one a little better. Its not full of chemicals that are bad for you and bad for the environment: no fluoride, no saccharin, no lauryl sulfates, no propylene glycol. I definitely recommend it!

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