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EO Products: Organic Lavender Lip Balm

Review Summary
Lip balm that tastes good and works!
Certified organic!
Better deal than most organic lip balms

I am a lip balm junkie.  I've been a lip balm junkie since I was in kindergarten, and I imagine I will be for the rest of my life.  Luckily, there are a lot more lip balm options than when I was a kid, and I don't have to resort to artifical-tasting and lip-drying Lip Smackers and Chapstick.  

EO's lavender lip balm tastes natural and not overly perfumey, as it is made with a blend of essential oils instead of a concotion of mystery fragrances.  It goes on smooth and helps even very chapped lips.  It's definitely one of my favorite lip balms, and it's cheaper than many other certified organic lip balms that I've found.... read more

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