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lunch box

Litter-Free Lunch Kit

Review Summary
All you need for a waste-free lunch
Reduces waste with reusable containers
Good deal, especially because it comes with 4 food containers and a beverage bottle

My family loves the Litter Free Lunch Kit by New Wave Enviro Products.  For just over  twenty dollars, you get an insulated lunch box, a beverage container, two small snack containers, one medium-sized container, and a larger container which is good for sandwiches, small salads, etc.    It's great for packing a school lunch for kids, a work lunch for adults, or just a picnic for an afternoon at the park!   The bottle can also be filled with ice and used as an ice pack.  ... read more

Litter Free Lunch by New Wave Enviro

Review Summary
Great Products
Eco-friendly resuable products
Expensive, but overall worthwhile for many

I'm very excited to be reviewing the Litter Free Lunch products from New Wave Enviro.  

I'm a big proponent of the waste-free lunch.  Whenever possible, it's important to avoid anything that's single use - Ziplocs, snack baggies, brown paper bags, juice boxes, soda cans, water get the picture.  This Litter Free Lunch kit can help.  Here's what it comes with:... read more


Review Summary
Really cute insulated lunch box
Helps create a waste-free lunch
Only $20 for lunch box, beverage container, and four food containers

lunchopolisThe Lunchopolis, by New Wave Enviro Products, is awesome.   For only twenty bucks, you get an insulated lunch box, a beverage container, two small snack containers, and two larger containers which are good for sandwiches and whatnot.  

While not as green as stainless steel food containers, they are BPA-free and reusable.  They're also a lot cheaper than stainless steel options.  They're sturdier than most inexpensive plastic containers and without a BPA plasticky smell.... read more

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