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10 Reasons Why Farmers Markets are Awesome

Farmers market season is in full bloom in much of the U.S.  Farmers markets are awesome and any greenie should go and support their local farmers market.  

Here are my top 10 reasons why farmers markets rock:... read more

Beekeeping Basics: An interview with Jaime Cool of Bee Kind Family Farm

extracting honeyI am lucky to have had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Jaime Cool of Bee Kind Family Farm in North Carolina.  If you're interested in beekeeping, this interview is a must read!  

How did you first get interested in beekeeping?

Robb and I have both always had an interest in homesteading. After we sold our farmhouse in 2004 we did a bit of travelling around before we finally planted our roots and settled down again. We have always had a garden when there was room, but  when we bought our home here in 2006 we really got into all of it: gardening, raising chickens for meat and eggs, canning, cooking with wood, etc.  Some friends of ours started beekeeping in 2008, this really sparked our interest and we decided to give it a try! A perfect addition to the homestead!... read more

Humane, live rabbit traps and organic rabbit repellents for gardeners

Today was have another guest blog post from Havahart®, makers of humane pest control.  Be sure to help them raise money for the American Humane Society!  Don't forget to check out their previous guest blog post for us about rabbit proofing.  


Controlling Rabbits with Traps

Rabbits can cause chaos in your vegetable and flower gardens by eating plants. They enjoy feasting on just about everything, including young seedlings, flowers, bulbs, vegetables, shrubs, and trees. Rabbits also enjoy burrowing, which could mean additional damage to your plants and property.

If you want to completely rid an area of rabbits, you will not be successful because of their rapid reproduction rate. In one season, a single rabbit can produce a whopping 800 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Traps are an excellent method for battling burgeoning rabbit populations and will effectively reduce the damage to your plants and property. (Hatch)... read more

a reGeneration by Leave It Better

I love Leave It Better and all of their videos!  Leave It Better is currently working on a documentary called a reGeneration.  In the documentary, children are provided with gardening supplies and cameras, and they share their stories about learning to compost, plant seeds, garden, and harvest the food that they've grown on their own.  So far, for the 2010-11 school year, they've worked with 10 NYC schools.  

I wanted to share this adorable video featuring cute kids discussing their worm composting efforts at PS 306 in the Bronx.  ... read more

Building a Rabbit Proof Fence: Keeping Rabbits Out of Your Garden

Building a Rabbit FenceThanks to Havahart® for this guest blog post.  This is useful info for all of the gardeners out there...learn how to keep those pesky little bunnies out of your garden -- safely and humanely.  ... read more


Rabbits are cute, except when they're chewing your lawn bare or destroying your garden. They can quickly become a source of headaches for any homeowner or gardener.

Organic Pesticides That Work Well on Caterpillars, Web Worms, and More

Today was have a post from Safer Brand® about organic pesticides.   


Organic Pesticides in Growing Demand

As organic gardening is on the rise, the demand for effective organic pesticides is growing. Having a garden or landscape ruined by pests costs you time, money and your hard work. Caterpillars, web worms, and more … there are plenty of pests capable of destroying your plants and trees. The key is keeping the insects at bay while not negatively affecting the environment.
... read more

How Far Does Your Food Travel?

With Earth Day quickly approaching (April 22), I am reminded to think about where I am in the world and where in the world my food is. I am in Canada and most of our food is not.

We are not far enough into spring to plant an outdoor garden and the Farmer's Market has not yet opened. Everything comes from the grocery store. I bought a beautiful bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Well, at least they were fresh when they were picked and hopefully just as fresh when they were packed.... read more

Annie's Root 4 Kids Contest

Root 4 Kids, a project encouraging families and schools to eat well, is running a new contest.   All you have to do is sign up for Root 4 Kids.  The school with the most sign-ups between April 5 and May 31 will win either a new Farm to School program or a school garden.

Root 4 Kids is brought to you by Annie's, makers of some of my favorite mac and cheese and other yummy snacks.  For the contest, Root 4 Kids partnered with National Farm to School Network, an organization that connects schools to local farms. The winning school will be connected with a local farm, and the farm will provide healthy food in the school cafeteria and nutrition education in classrooms or through a school garden.   Parents, family members, teachers, and administrators can sign up at!  ... read more

Leave It Better's Bee City

Yesterday we did a blog post about urban farmers raising livestock and we mentioned how beekeeping is becoming a popular pasttime for urban farmers.  Check out this video from Leave it Better about beekeeping in NYC!

 ... read more

Urban Farming: Livestock (Goats, chickens, rabbits, and bees)

Urban farming is great!  When most people think of urban farming, they probably think of small gardens.  Urban farming is often that, but many urban farmers are also keeping livestock these days.   Some common urban farm livestock are chickens, goats, bees, and rabbits.  ... read more

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