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4 Eco-Friendly Vehicle Myths BMW is Busting

Whether you’re scooting through urban rush hour traffic or zooming down the open desert highway, you may be stuck with preconceived notions if you’re planning to do it in an eco-friendly vehicle. BMW is busting several of the myths surrounding green vehicles with its lineup of innovative and earth-friendly cars that are either already racking up sales at dealerships that are catering to the green-friendly community like Chapman BMW, or coming soon to a highway near you. Here are a few eco-friendly vehicle myths BMW is smashing to bits.

Eco-Friendly Has to Be Electric

When folks put the words "eco-friendly" and "vehicle" in the same sentence, they often think the sentence also has to include the words hybrid or electric. That’s not the case at all for the BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics sedan, which runs on good old-fashioned diesel. Not only does the oil-burning vehicle outperform some hybrids with its overall 60 mpg, but it emits less than 110g/km of carbon dioxide, reports. It is also already raking in honors, specifically the Vauxhall Ampera Green Award offered by WHATCAR? for being the Green Car of the Year for 2012.... read more

Reasons Why The Prius Continues To Shine In The Hybrid Race

How familiar are you with a Toyota Prius over any of the other hybrids on the market?  Better question, if you could do your own poll, what would your ratio be of Prius vs. LEAF vs. Volt or other conventional models with a hybrid twist to them?  Yet, however the test's done, odds are you've seen at least a couple Prius cars pass you by on the streets and highways while you commute to work every day.  Some cities more than others. 

Whatever the case, it shouldn't come as too much of a shock that when you think hybrid vehicles, you may assume “Prius”.  And there are a number of reasons for that, some obvious and some more on the statistical side of things.  

But, first thing's first: this isn't an editorial saying you should run out and buy up the first Prius you see over another, because there are many other quality hybrids on par with the Prius - and in some cases, surpass on a performance level – that are out there on the market.  

This is just a brief list of reasons why the Prius seems to have had more influence.... read more

What's Your Favorite Hybrid Car Myth?

HybridI'm sure you've seen both sides of the coin by now with hybrid vehicles.  One side's championing and the other's lambasting on many points of interest.  Heck, there's probably even a small sector of people debating the debate on hybrids vs. conventional vehicles.

To which I say, whatever's clever.  At some point, all the facts and figures and testimonials won't change everyone's mind sooner rather than later.  Whether that's because of myths or not, I figured it's high time to list the best hybrid myths out there.  And at the end, if you want to pick your favorite from the bunch or add to the list, you're more than welcome.

Now on to the list!

Myth #1: Hybrids Are Still A Relative Unkown

While they may be intentionally unkown to some, hybrids are far from being a new property.  The "hybrid" car was orignially conceived way back in the late 17th century by Ferdinand Verbiest, who drew up plans to create a 4-wheel steam car for the Chinese Emperor, Khang Hsi.  And as for the first functioning hybrid, you only have to go nearly 100 years later to 1769, where Frenchman Nicholas Cugnot completed a steam-powered carriage that moved at a brisk 6 miles per hour.  Granted, it wasn't fast, but from a technical sense of the word, it's still a hybrid through and through.

Myth #2: Hybrid Tech Is Merely A Trend 

Technology is always evolving into something much more with every passing year.  Whether it's smartphones becoming smarter, home siding becoming more energy efficient or in the case of hybrid engines, becoming more advanced between all-electric reliance or efficient gas-electric motors, hybrid cars are evolving with every new model year.  Trends are reserved for disco.

Myth #3: Hybrids Only Appeal To Conservationists

This one's pretty easy to dissect.  Grouping a hybrid with a percentage of people who may be more eco-friendly than another is on the same level as saying the only people who buy a Porsche or Corvette are people approaching a mid-life crisis.  The reality is a hybrid appeals to every driver the same way a truck or sports car should appeal to every driver. ... read more

Going to School the Eco-Friendly Way

Would you be shocked to hear that the greenest ways of getting your kids to school are also the safest ways? Chances are that many parents either use public transport or use a car to transport their kids to and from school.  Getting your children to school safely on time everyday should be your first priority, but if you reply on transport which accounts for the second-biggest release of greenhouses gases you might be causing necessary damage to the environment.

The simple fact is that walking, biking, skateboarding or scooting to school every day will help you’re your child’s development. Obesity around the world is on the rise and if your children’s health can benefit from being more eco-friendly then why isn’t every parent that can do it not doing it?

One of the biggest influencers in the school transport system is the time management. Most parents do not have the time to create a healthy lunch for your child and have the time to walk to school before they start work.  Parents should consider walking at least once a week if the feel that their job and lifestyle is applies unnecessary stress to do it every day.... read more

Understanding The Grid And Its Impact On Your Electric Vehicle

Electric VehiclesYour area is only good as your electric vehicle (EV). Or was it the other way around?

That was my initial response to a recent study done by the Union of Concerned Scientists on the efficiency of an all-electric car in a given state. What it hints at is how an EV from California could have a slight edge on a similar EV vehicle charging in Oklahoma. If a state has less solar powered/wind turbines facilitating the energy grid and relies more on coal and other so-called “dirty” fuel sources to do so, even if the EV was all-electric and not a 50/50 engine, the charging station would burn off more emissions in the end. The organization even created a nice little map showcasing the EV levels.... read more

Fuel Conservation Tips For Drivers

Trying to be more green with how we drive has a number of benefits that stretch beyond dollars and cents. As consumers out there try to come to terms with the Hybrid movement or get a feel for all-electric models like the Nissan Leaf or need further information regarding gas-electric combination vehicles like the Chevy Volt, saving trips to the pump isn’t necessarily tied down to fuel efficient cars as much as it applies to how we drive and what steps we take to make sure our car’s overall performance is up to par.

Granted, there’s a significant advantage for having a hybrid vehicle that gets on average around 40+ miles per gallon, but drivers with older model cars can still contribute to being green and reduce the amount of emissions into the atmosphere from simple car care tips.

Here are a few easy steps or reminders to do just that.

... read more

Oh What A Fueling - Buying A Used Electric Car

Happy Halloween Keen For Greeners!  Today we have a hilarious guest blog post from writer Richard Rossi about shopping for a used car.  


I'm not mechanical in the least.  As a member of the television generation, everything I know about cars, fixing or buying, I learned from watching hours of TV.  Sitcoms, to be specific. ... read more

Are Hybrids More Fuel Efficient?

Today we have a guest blog post by freelancer Miles Walker about the benefits of hybrid vehicles.  Thanks for a great post, Miles!

--... read more

Ever since Toyota unveiled the Prius, the most well-known hybrid, these cars have been touted for their increased efficiency. They are known to get great gas mileage, often with over 50 mpg. In contrast, the Honda Civic boasts 36 mpg. Certainly a hybrid with 48 mpg to 60 mpg is more efficient. The 20% to 35% increase in fuel economy comes from a variety of sources.

SUV's Are History -- sort of

The priHummerThe priHummerYou want a PriHummer? It’s easy, just get an SUV grille, mount it on your Prius with a few zip-ties, and... instant mojo. Feels so good, right? But, where does that SUV mojo come from anyway? Product designers know how to convey status, and SUV design navigates American status narratives like a 4x4 bounding over desert arroyos. Maybe once we know why we find these vehicles so appealing we can finally stop buying them.

... read more
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