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Great New Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell

I found this a really cool and short video concerning a new type of fuel cell produced by Fuelzell, a german company.  Interesting technology that will be important in construction, farm and transportation equipment.


Toyota Unveils Plans For Fuel Cell Car

And you thought the American car companies were going to corner the market on fuel cells.  According to the world's largest carmaker, Toyota, they expect to have a fuel cell vehicle on the market by 2015. This new vehicle will produce zero emissions and signal the new generation of cars.

Toyota Fuel Cell Car... read more

Hybrids Popping Up Everywhere

The population of hybrids on the road is steadily increasing every day.  As more and more companies realize the change in consumers habits and preferences, more and more varied type of cars are becoming eco-friendly.  In this past week, both BMW and Toyota have introduced two new type of hybrids for the consumers.  Oh, watch that market grow.

From Toyota is a brand new sports car. The car would utilize Toyota's 3.5-liter V-6 along with its Synergy hybrid system to put down 400 horsepower.  It will be based on earlier re-imagining of the Supra and is scheduled for release in 2011.... read more

Convert To EV


Convert To EV

Are you looking at your old car and thinking, why do I pay so much money on gas?  How much does it cost to go electric?  Well, if youa first generation Ford Focus and you live in Maryland, boy do I have answers.

Genovation Cars of Rockville, Maryland can take any 1st-generation Ford Focus (years 200-2004) sedan, wagon, or hatchback and replace the internal gas engine with electric drive components.  The conversion takes five months approximately and you must put the car and $2,500 down to begin.  If you don't have a Focus laying around, they will throw in a used one for an extra $6,000.  A one stop shop at Genovation Cars.

 ... read more

Monday Morning Quick Hits-Green Washing, GOP Green & Prius v.Insight

Good morning and welcome to the begining of the work week.  Enjoy these quick hits, short explanations and link to news stories across the internet.  My personal favorite is the one concerning the Green Party and the GOP.  It brings a smile to my face for some reason.

Green, the New Black: The Miami Herald discusses how "green" is now seen as stylish and profitable for the fashion industry and warning of "green washing" or "green sheen," which is the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service.  Also, provides valuable information on why buying organic cotton is so important and to avoid labels that state "made with organic cotton."

Greens Join GOP in Opposing Ballot Measures: According to the Bay Area NewsGroup, both the GOP and the Green Party are deciding to oppose all ballot measures on the May 15 special election in California.  The reasons for the envrionmental and conservative parties differ, but they are still lying in the same bed.


Power lines, Green Energy, GOP goes Green

Prominent Power Lines Dim Green Enthusiasm For Some: The previously discussed problems of the new energy superhighway are rearing their head in California.  According the Sacramento Bee, resistance is growing all over California to new power lines because of their affect on the local scenery.  Really interesting piece, but I still believe the majority of Californians accept some sacrifice for renewables.

Hybrids Battle For Green: Watch out!!!  A battle will be waging on your television, radio, computer screen and public transit this summer.  That battle will be between the makreting arms of Toyota and Honda.  Each one will will try to convince the consumer that their products is the better hybrid, Prius and Insight respectively.... read more

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