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Ellen Page on "Real Time with Bill Maher"

Last week, actress Ellen Page appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, discussing the film she recently narrated:  Vanishing of the Bees.   The film discusses Colony Collapse Disorder, a phenomenon causing honeybees to disappear worldwide.  Check out this video of Ellen Page discussing the problems associated with the disappearance of honeybees.  ... read more

TGIF Keen & Green Celeb: Ted Danson

We mentioned good ol' Sam Malone a few years ago, alongside his "Cheers" costar Woody Harrelson, discussing their passions for the environment.  ("Cheers" to Ted Danson & Woody Harrelson)

The Bored to Death star is at it again, this time with a book entitled Oceana, which discusses the state of the world's oceans.   The book talks about different problems facing the oceans, such as the horrible realities of overfishing, oil leaks, pollution, off-shore drilling, climate change, and more.... read more

TGIF Keen & Green Celeb: Matt Damon

It's no secret that Matt Damon is an outspoken, politically active humanitarian.  He's passionate about Darfur (along with fellow keen and green celeb George Clooney) and has been working really hard at making clean drinking water accessible to all, through his organization  

The star of the Bourne franchise has worked with PBS on the environmental program The State of the Planet's Wildlife where he warned that "something is terribly wrong with our environment."  ... read more

Jackson Browne's Green Tour

Last fall, Jackson Browne made our list of Five Green Bands and Musicians.  And as usual, Mr. Browne does not disappoint, as he works hard to green his current tour.

When it comes to being green, Jackson's no newbie!   He started Muscians United for Safe Energy back 1979 with keen and green musician Bonnie Raitt -- before many were aware of the importance of sustainability.

Nowadays, Jackson Browne is greener than ever.  His brand new Gibson guitar is made of sustainably harvested wood and his home generates its own power.

Here's what he's doing to keep his tour green:... read more

A Greener Red Carpet

Hooray for Hollywood!

awards going green

It's that time of the year...awards season!  Both the Grammys and the Oscars are this year, and both awards shows are going green.  

Here's how:... read more

  • The red carpets are made from recycled water bottles.
  • The food served will be local and organic
  • The power will be 100% renewable.  
  • The food will be served on reusable china and glassware.
  • The silverware will be compostable.
  • Food waste will be composted.
  • All glass, plastic, and alumnium will be recycled.

TGIF Keen & Green Celeb: Bill Nye

If there are any 90s kids out there, you probably remember Bill Nye the Science Guy on television.  More recently, Nye has been the host of Stuff Happens on Planet Green, and appears on The Weather Channel discussing ways to save energy.

Over the years, Bill Nye has spoke about the dangers of climate change.  On Larry King, Nye once said, "I'm sure [climate change] is real. It's where we have put so much -- so many greenhouse gasses, so many molecules of greenhouse gases.......the speed that the world is getting warmer is getting really fast. And what's happening is these molecules hold heat in, in the same way glass holds heat in a greenhouse. That's where we got the name."... read more

Green Profile: Joe Lamp'l of Growing a Greener World

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Joe Lamp'l, gardener, green media personality extraordinare, and host and executive producer of Growing a Greener World on PBS.  

About Joe Lamp'l

Joe initially got into horticulture as a child, after breaking the branch off a shrub, sticking it into the ground, and seeing a mere few weeks later that it had taken root.  

Joe how he has been interested in sustainability for his whole life, but "there was an a-ha moment."  That moment was when he was using synthetic fertilizer in a hopper.  He hit a root and the fertilizer spilled, and he knew that using more than the recommended about of fertilizer is bad, so he tried to remove some of it.   The following day, there was a huge dead spot on the grass where the fertilizer had spilled.  "That was a huge graphic demonstration to me of what was in that stuff," he said, "It really got me going."... read more

TGIF Keen & Green Celeb: Emma Watson

Last week's green celebrity was Sheryl Crow.  This week our Keen & Green Celebrity is Harry Potter's Emma Watson!  Emma has said, "I cannot not be green."

Emma Watson: actress, Ivy League student, environmentalist, and now organic clothing designer!   "I wouldn't have done if it was just a clothing line.  The reason I did it because I cared about the issue behind it," Emma Watson told Access Hollywood.  

Emma's line, Love from Emma, is part of the UK's People Tree brand.   Their items are organic and fair trade.  "I didn't feel that there was a huge amount of clothes out there that are Fair Trade and organic and it's so great to give people the choice to wear something that makes the world a better place, to wear clothing that does some good," says Emma.  ... read more

TGIF Keen & Green Celeb: Sheryl Crow

Last week's green celebrity was Edward Norton.  This week it's Sheryl Crow, and all she wants to do is save the environment!  

Sheryl Crow has been known as an environmentalist for a long time, and a few years ago she even made headlines saying that to save paper, you should just use one square of toilet paper each time you go to the bathroom.  This was, of course, a joke, but it did bring attention to the fact that cutting down on TP usage is a reasonable way to reduce waste.  This was around the time that she joined Laurie David on the Stop Global Warming College Tour.  

Sheryl Crow's Detours album, released in 2008, explored many issues, including many that were environmental and political.  Check out an interview with Sheryl discussing that album and the environment.  
... read more

Jack Johnson's Green Recording Studio

Jack Johnson secured a spot in our Five "Green" Bands and Musicians list earlier this fall.   Now, let's take a look at his green recording studio.

  • The studio is solar-powered.
  • The insulation is made out of recycled denim instead of fiberglass
  • The appliances are energy-efficient and the light bulbs are CFL
  • The furniture is secondhand
  • The toilets are dual flushing, meaning you can select either #1 or #2 for...well, going #1 or #2.  (The latter uses more water for the flush)
  • The wood throughout the studio was reused
  • The roof has recycled shingles and a duro-last green roof

 ... read more

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