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Brooklyn, NY: Home to the World’s First Solar-Powered Sound Stage

Brooklyn's Broadway Stages now has the very first solar-powered sound stage in the WORLD!  Broadway Stages, a film, music video, and television studio, has produced such hits as HBO's Flight of the Conchords, the Meryl Streep movie It's Complicated, and more.  ... read more

Global Green's Sustainable Design Awards

Global Green USA held its 11th annual Sustainable Design Awards on Monday, December 6th, 2010.  Global Green USA is an national environmental organization working to stop climate change.  Their Sustainable Design Awards exist to recognize the effective leadership of people and companies who help find solutions for climate change.  

This year the winners were:... read more

TGIF Keen & Green Celeb: Edward Norton

Our previous Keen & Green celebrity was Larry David.  This week, we've got a versatile actor who comes from a family of environmentalists:  Edward Norton.  

Edward Norton's dad, Edward Mower Norton, Jr., is an environmental lawyer and conservation advocate who founded China's "first large-scale conservation movement."  He was also director of Nature Conservancy's Yunnan Great Rivers conservation project. In 2005, he told Grist: "[My father] engaged me and my siblings in environmental policy from a very early age. My sister got her graduate degree at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in environmental policy. My brother is a professional guide and has run whitewater trips through the Grand Canyon and elsewhere many, many times. He's on the board of Idaho Rivers United and working very hard on the salmon-recovery issue up in Idaho. So we're all involved in different aspects of these issues."... read more

Cher and Stanley Tucci on Hybrids and "Curly Light Bulbs"

cher and the environmentWe love our Keen and Green celebs here, but Cher doesn't fit the bill.  She recently told Fox News that:  "I researched all the hybrid stuff and its pretty much all bullsh*t."  She does claim to be eco-friendly, however, saying, "I turn off the lights, we don’t use plastic bags. We’re probably not doing enough, but we started changing the bulbs to those curly bulbs."  Curly bulbs, you say?

Cher's Burlesque costar Stanley Tucci doesn't even like the curly bulbs.  "Don’t you hate those? Let’s face it - everyone looks like they have jaundice. They’re awful. I’m sorry, but they need to come up with something better. I’m very environmentally friendly, but the onus is always on the consumer. You’ve got to change every light bulb in your house, and you can’t really see anything and it is awful, then they come up with something else and you have to change it all again."  Poor, poor Stanley.  Changing light bulbs is so hard.  (Insert something like "how many celebrities does it take to screw in a light bulb?" here)... read more

TGIF Keen & Green Celeb: Larry David

Last week we featured Seinfeld alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  This week we've got Seinfeld co-creator, everyone's favorite curmudgeon, Larry David.  

Most people know that Larry's ex-wife, Laurie David, is an environmental activist and co-produced An Inconvenient Truth, but Larry David is a keen and green celeb in his own right.... read more

TGIF Keen & Green Celeb: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

"Get out!"  Today's TGIF Keen & Green celeb is Julia Louis-Dreyfus!   She is definitely one celebrity who talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to living green.  

Since the 90s, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been actively involved with a variety of environmental organizations, such as Heal the Bay and NRDC.   Meanwhile, her husband, Brad Hall, works to get Hollywood studios to be less wasteful.  ... read more

TGIF Keen & Green Celeb: Cameron Diaz

This week's green celebrity is Cameron Diaz.   

Back in 2005, the There's Something About Mary star even hosted an MTV show called Trippin where fellow celebrities would travel to places in ecological jeopardy.   She's been an environmental activist for quite a few years and was an early adopter of the Toyota Prius.

Cameron has shot many PSAs, went around asking experts questions about the environment, and has worked with Al Gore.... read more

Prince Charles: Royally Concerned about the Environment

Prince Charles and the environment

Today, a book by Prince Charles hit shelves.  It’s called Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World.  It covers a variety of different issues going on in the world today, from poverty to healthcare.  One other topic the book discusses is climate change.   It comes no surprise that climate change is an issue in Prince Charles's new book.  

Charles, Prince of Wales has been a longtime champion of the environment.  For almost 30 years, Prince Charles has been advocating for the environment, such as taking an interest in organic farming.  Initially, people mocked him for these beliefs, but how far society has come!... read more

Help Save Public Broadcasting!

Sarah Palin and other right-wingers have been exploiting the Juan Williams story as an excuse to convince Congress to defund NPR.  Conservatives have wanted to defund public broadcasting for a long time.  This isn't a new issue at all, sadly -- in fact, none other than Mister Rogers stood before the Senate in 1969 to defend public broadcasting.  

NPR, PBS, PRI, and Pacifica have always been big supporters of environmental causes.  While most other mainstream news stations don't cover a whole lot of environmental stories, public broadcasting does.... read more

TGIF Keen & Green Celeb: George Clooney

This week's green celebrity is George Clooney!

"I'm a big proponent of cleaning up the environment. I have two electric cars," he told TIME Magazine back in 2007.  (Although, he does admit to having flown on private jets in that same interview...hey, at least he admits it!)

Clooney was one of the first owners of the all electric Tango. Lately, he's been driving a Tesla Roadster.

... read more

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